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Adding a YouTube Video

Written by admin. Posted in Technology

You can embed a YouTube video yourself easily via a simple copy and paste.
Here is how you would do this:

  1. copy the CODE from the box below
  2. open your blog post (in edit mode) in which you want the video
  3. then click HTML on the right top
  4. put the cursor after the text where you want your video
  5. paste
  6. now replace the URL in the text that you just pasted with the URL of YOUR video
  7. publish / update

Google Maps in the Classroom

Written by admin. Posted in Technology

Here is an example of an Elementary School teacher using Google Maps  in their classroom to bring to life Pedro’s Journal, a classroom lit study. Imagine adding this to your blog so your students can continue the conversation at home with their parents or simply access the information from home to foster curiosity and exploration.

Some notes:

  • This map was found by a simple Google search “Google maps education
  • With merely a copy/paste, it was added to this post (i.e. you can do the same!)
  • While you can create your own Google Map, there is a lot of content already out there ready for you to discover

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