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Celebrating as a Faculty

Written by Lila Jorge. Posted in Administration, Elementary School, ES Principal


photo 1This past Wednesday we took time as an elementary faculty to celebrate some of the outstanding student and teacher work that has happened since September.  Often times we are so engrossed in thinking about what lies ahead that we forget to take a moment to pause, reflect and take pride in what we have accomplished.

As mentioned in a previous post, one of our main areas of focus this year is our writing program.  Since August, the faculty has made a huge commitment to implement best practices and utilize our new curricular resources. Always eager to learn, teachers have also been visiting each other’s classrooms to get new ideas and enrich their own practices.  Most importantly, teachers throughout the elementary school have commented how the overall quality of student writing has improved immensely this year.  For us, this makes all of the time and effort more than worth it!


photo (7)In order to say thanks to the teachers for all their work and provide them with the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments, we held a small celebration with snacks and cava.  Teachers from each grade level were asked to bring different samples of student writing and share some of their successes.  For me, the highlight was being able to see the progression from Nursery, where children are learning that books have main ideas with supporting illustrations, all the way to our 5th grade teachers who have worked with their students to pull out the rich details and emotions of a single moment in their lives.  With every passing grade, the level of sophistication and complexity in the writing increased, which demonstrated the power of a team of teachers working in unison to build an elementary community of writers.


The BFIS Auditorium – Wow!

Written by Lila Jorge. Posted in Administration, Elementary School, ES Principal

I recall being part of many conversations over the years that began with, “Wouldn’t it be great if we had an auditorium?” Kids, parents and faculty would all brainstorm the possibilities and momentary excitement would be generated. After several minutes inspiration would give way to resignation, knowing that the ideas would exist only in our imagination.

Until now.

photo (2)Last year, the centerpiece of the BFIS annual fund was an all out effort to create a multipurpose auditorium for the community. After being in the space with children for the first time at our elementary school assembly, one word comes to mind. Wow. From the acoustics to the lighting to sheer volume of space, the auditorium is truly an incredible gift to the community. We are so thankful for the support from our families who helped make this dream a reality.

Feliç Sant Jordi a tothom!

Written by Lila Jorge. Posted in Administration, Elementary School, ES Principal

There is something uniquely beautiful about the way we celebrate Sant Jordi at BFIS.   While the culminating fiesta is the highlight for the entire community, the immense amount of learning preceding the event is an equally significant part of the experience.

In our classrooms, we always strive to have children develop a strong sense of self and tap into the qualities that make each child unique.  However, we also value the importance of coming together as a community to work toward common goals and in many ways our Sant Jordi celebration provides exactly this opportunity.

In the weeks leading up to the celebration, the children work extremely hard to learning their routines.  They show support of one another by helping peers remember different dance steps and practice exhibiting patience as others need more time to memorize the movements.  Most importantly, they have the chance to work together and contribute to the success of the overall performance.

There is perhaps no better combination than allowing for children to deepen their appreciation of culture and simultaneously learn life lessons.  With that in mind, feliç Sant Jordi a tothom!

Overnight Adventures!

Written by Lila Jorge. Posted in Administration, Elementary School, ES Principal

The new year is upon us and that means that our elementary overnight trips are on the horizon. After last year’s resounding success, we are extremely excited to begin preparations the Kindergarten through 5th grade trips this spring.

In addition to information that will be sent home with students, Ms. Delgado and I will also be holding short information sessions for parents who would like to hear more about the trips and converse face to face. Below I have listed dates for each of the sessions as well as other key dates associated with the overnight trips.