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From writers to cooks

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3rd grade students of Spanish-Catalan studies have finished the topic related to writers.

The last writer we have been talking, learning and working about is Gloria Fuertes. We have been introduced to some of her main works and have learned some things about her life too.

Glria 2


Our new “guests” have been Juan Mari Arzak and Karlos Arguiñano, two of the most representative Spanish cooks.

Going through this topic has allowed us to review vocabulary related to food, learning a little bit more about the city of San Sebastián and letting us show our most artistic part as cooks!


arzak y arguiñano

During the following weeks we will be talking about famous Spanish athletes; we will keep you updated!

Federico García Lorca

Written by Maria Guttierez. Posted in 3rd Grade Spanish-Catalan Studies

For the past few weeks, 3rd grade students of Spanish Catalan studies, have been learning about the life and art of Federico García Lorca.

They have learned about the characteristics of the city he was born in (Granada, Spain), the first poems and theater plays he wrote, his trips around the world that helped him when writing some of his master pieces, his relationship with some other artists such as Salvador Dalí that influenced him not only personally but also in a professional way, etc.



FGL biography:

They are now creating a book in which they explain everything they have learned so far about this writer and they can’t wait to share it with all of  you!

On the following weeks they will be working on another famous Spanish writer: Gloria Fuertes.


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During the past week, 4th and 5th grades have been studying  the Gran teatre del liceu. the Gran Teatre del Liceu, was founded on the Rambla in 1847 and has continued over the years to fulfil its role as a culture and arts centre and one of the symbols of the city.We have learned when was it built, where can we find it, who was the responsible for the bomb that explode in 1893, which was the causative for the fire that destroyed the building in 1994… And many other things!To learn all of that, we used a power point as a main support and we took some notes of the most important information.






Shopping in Barcelona

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These days we are learning about historical shops in Barcelona.We explained about the history, the buildings and the streets where they are located. Some shops are: La sombrerería Obach and  el colmado J.Murria. This “colmado”  is a  Modernist establishment dating to 1898 located in the Ensanche district of Barcelona that offers GOURMET PRODUCTS (delicatessen). Another shop is La Cerería Subirá. This shop is a mandatory stop on every Barcelona shopping tour.

Colmado múrria 1898

cereria-subira-2sombrereria obach

Discovering celebrities

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Our trip around the history started a few weeks ago. In Spanish Catalan Studies, students are learning about some important celebrities in Spain. We have been working among others, Ildefons Cerdà and Antoni Gaudí. Students were thrilled while they are getting to know about Gaudí and they are looking forward to visiting all his important buildings.

At the moment, we are working on different artists such as Velázquez. Our students are very excited colouring his famous painting “Las Meninas”. Take a look at these wonderful versions!

3 Meninas

Books and roses

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la foto (1)Sant Jordi is a very important day celebrated on April 23rd. These days students of Spanish-Catalan Studies 4/5 has started a new unit about all the traditions and celebrations that take place around the city of Barcelona. On this day  the city is full of books and roses. Many authors come to the city to sign their books: you can enjoy this opportunity by visiting one of the many stands to be found around “La Rambla” or Catalunya foto 23

In class, we are talking about different books inspired by the city of Barcelona. “The City of Marvels” by Eduardo Mendoza, which depicts the modernist Barcelona . Another example is “The Shadow of the Wind” with an exciting plot taking place around all the winding alleys of the Gothic area  or “The Cathedral of the Sea” illustrating the building process of Santa María del Mar.