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Celebrating as a Faculty

Written by Lila Jorge. Posted in Administration, Elementary School, ES Principal


photo 1This past Wednesday we took time as an elementary faculty to celebrate some of the outstanding student and teacher work that has happened since September.  Often times we are so engrossed in thinking about what lies ahead that we forget to take a moment to pause, reflect and take pride in what we have accomplished.

As mentioned in a previous post, one of our main areas of focus this year is our writing program.  Since August, the faculty has made a huge commitment to implement best practices and utilize our new curricular resources. Always eager to learn, teachers have also been visiting each other’s classrooms to get new ideas and enrich their own practices.  Most importantly, teachers throughout the elementary school have commented how the overall quality of student writing has improved immensely this year.  For us, this makes all of the time and effort more than worth it!


photo (7)In order to say thanks to the teachers for all their work and provide them with the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments, we held a small celebration with snacks and cava.  Teachers from each grade level were asked to bring different samples of student writing and share some of their successes.  For me, the highlight was being able to see the progression from Nursery, where children are learning that books have main ideas with supporting illustrations, all the way to our 5th grade teachers who have worked with their students to pull out the rich details and emotions of a single moment in their lives.  With every passing grade, the level of sophistication and complexity in the writing increased, which demonstrated the power of a team of teachers working in unison to build an elementary community of writers.


Growth Mindset

Written by Lila Jorge. Posted in Administration, Elementary School, ES Principal

This morning I can across an article in Education Week about an increasing number of schools promoting the importance of a “growth mindset” in order to support learning. Personally, I am delighted to see the world of education promoting the value of qualities and dispositions that provide children with tools to navigate future challenges. Even though these aspects of development may be harder to measure or initially quantify, it is essential that we think beyond raw academic scores when considering what kind of learning experiences we want for our students.

Last year we held our first Elementary Portfolio Day, which was the culmination of a year long effort to create a “growth mindset” at BFIS. We wanted to create a platform to help children celebrate their growth, effort and perseverance, and also reflect upon their individual learning process. We are excited to continue with this practice in 2013-2014 and look forward to seeing students grow and shine in the coming year.