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BFIS Elementary School Winter Book Fair

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In association with Come In Bookshop, BFIS Elementary Library is holding its Winter Book Fair on

Tuesday  29th November

       In the event that you would like your child to have the opportunity to purchase books, please send them in with cash.  The average book price will be 10€.  The books are offered at a discounted price. There will likely be a long line of people shopping and waiting to pay at the end of the day, so although coming with your child after school is an option, it is highly preferred that students come prepared to select and purchase books during the school day with the guidance of their teacher and the librarian. We will ensure that students select age and level-appropriate material. The fair will only remain open for a brief period after school. The door will close at 16:30. 

       We´re excited about giving the students the opportunity to choose materials suited to their interests, so please consider sending them in with money.

Best Wishes,

Miss Emma

ES Librarian

BFIS Elementary Library Featured Books for Emergent Readers

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This week, in our ES Library, we are featuring books for Emergent Readers. 

Emergent readers need enriching and enjoyable experiences with books, especially picture books. It is wonderful to see how new readers become comfortable with books even before they can read independently.  These books are a great way to help emergent readers recognize letters and words and even patterns. They also encourage readers to work with concepts of print.  Sharing books over and over, extending stories, relating experiences to both print and pictures and guiding children to read, helps children begin to foster a love of books and a love of reading.

Here are a selection of book in our ES Library which are perfect for Emergent Readers:

Oops !  By David Shannon

Shapes, Shapes, Shapes By Tana Hoban

Flotsam by David Weisner

Brown Bear, Brown Bear By Bill Martin Jr.

The Only Child by Guojing

ABC By Brian Wildsmith

Rosie’s Walk By Pat Hutchins

ABC NYC By Joanne Dugan

Push, Pull, Empty, Full By Tana Hoban

Is it Larger?  Is it Smaller? By Tana Hoban

A, B, See By Tana Hoban

26 Letters and 99 Cents By Tana Hoban

Is it Red? Is It Yellow?  Is It Blue? By Tana Hoban

Los animales y los lugares en los que viven

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Kindergarten and 1st graders from SAL have been studying the animals and the places in which we can find them. We have learned their names, the characteristics they have and the differences existing between them.


We have been using four different centers to work this topic and we have enjoyed them all very much! See them below:


1. Manipulative center: We have been using memory to relate the pictures from the animals to their name in Spanish.

IMG_20160426_141049330   IMG_20160426_141037668

2. Reading center: Books have been a very useful tool not only to have a first approach to new vocabulary but also to learn some new structures and words in Spanish.


3. Listening center: Bingo is one of our favorite games and it also helps us consolidate new contents!


4. Reading center: In this corner, someone tells us a word in Spanish and we have to find the picture that corresponds to it. We also look for the word written and get a closer view to Spanish phonetics.

Multimedia presentations, worksheets and videos have also been some of the resources used during this unit that have helped us learn while having fun.

¡We will keep you updated with more news soon!

On the hunt of wild animals!

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During these weeks we have been learning new vocabulary regarding to farm and wild animals.

To do that, we have been using different resources (you’ll be able to see some of them below these lines). This week, we reviewed the name of  the animals we can find in a farm and learned some others of those animals that live in the jungle. We have been talking about our own experiences when visiting a zoo or having contact with different animals. You would be surprised about how many stories we shared with the rest of our classmates!

DSC_0946DSC_0964DSC_0962DSC_0942 (1)

We have also talked about which one is our favorite animal and why there’s this division between farm and wild animals. This time, we have also learned a brief poem which we like to repeat after someone reads it aloud! Let’s read it for us so we can show you what we have learned.



On the following week, we will be focusing on Carnival and will be learning about this tradition, the vocabulary related to this day, etc.