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Welcome to ES Art!

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Welcome to ES Art, where we use a variety of mediums and creative problem solving to explore, learn about and express ourselves through art! In all grades we begin the school year by participating in the project ‘Pinwheels for Peace’. If you click on ‘locations’ you’ll see all of the schools around the world who participate in the project, including BFIS!


Expository Books: We are Experts!

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Our Advanced SAL students are true experts in a varied range of topics and so, they were working on expository books to share all that knowledge. Do you want to know more about Spain, dogs, theater, zoo animals, rabbits or karts? Do not hesitate to borrow a book from our “new” non-fiction library!

This writing unit was designed as a parallel lesson, coordinated with the English Writing Workshop methodology based in Lucy Calkins’ Units of Study. Students broadened their expertise with the Expository genre: they were enriching their vocabulary while explaining about a topic of their choice, they were working on how to connect a sequence of facts, they distributed the information in chapters and paragraphs, they chose specific key words and elaborated definitions when designing their glossary, they synthesized general information when elaborating a table of contents and they connected true facts when researching for real pictures. Furthermore, they learned the main characteristics of the expository writing, got rid of any opinion or comment and based their writing in true facts and real information.

After all that hard work, we threw a well-deserved publishing party: each writer read aloud a chosen chapter. After the sharing, students left compliments, thoughts and comments for the other writers and they were able to keep their own compliment books.

Excellent job 2nd and 3rd graders!



Libroscomida típica



We are experts in animals

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Dear Parents,

Students from 2/3 SAL Beginners  have been writing expository texts and they have completed them last week. They have been working very hard to get good results and to do the best they know.

They have written about the animals they are experts in: cheetahs, dogs, horses, kangaroos, birds, elephants… During the process, they have learned to express their ideas in Spanish and they have shared them with their buddies.

Students are very proud of their books and here you have some pictures to show you. Enjoy them!

a6 a1 a2

a3 a4

3-D Clay & Paper Mache!

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In the Spring, ES art students switch gears from creating primarily two-dimensional drawings, paintings, and collages to three dimensional sculptures from cardboard, recyclable materials, clay and papier mâché.  All students have or will be using clay in the coming weeks.  Below are the fourth grade monsters made from pinch pots!  The first graders are currently creating  papier mâché pharaohs masks, second graders will be making animals, and fourth and fifth graders will be creating everyday objects.  Soon, kindergarten will be creating the planet earth and second graders will be creating animal masks, both from papier mâché and the third graders will be creating a cardboard Barcelona to culminate what they’ve learned from their ‘Our Cities, Barcelona & Belgrade’ project.  Stay tuned!  1st Egyptian Masks Big Mouths

Our Cities, Barcelona & Belgrade!

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It’s Spring!  Which means we’ve begun our big 3rd grade architecture unit.  In the past we collaborated with schools in Tokyo, Helsinki and Moscow, and this year we’re corresponding with a school in Belgrade, Serbia!  The purpose of this project is to incorporate architecture into the art curriculum by having students explore the architecture and culture of Barcelona to then share with their new friends in Serbia, while they do the same teaching us about the architecture and culture of Belgrade.  The project will culminate in an off campus exhibition at Casa Orlandai, near the Sarrià metro.  You can see photos and videos and learn more about the project here:

BOXES Houses


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Kindergarten through 5th grade have experienced for the first time Gymnastics in our Auditorium. Here are some pictures of our classes. A whole new experience for many of our students.


gym 1 gym 2 gym 3 gym 4 gym 5 gym 6 gym7 gym 8