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4th Grade Woven Tapestries

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Ms. Meritxell’s 4th grade class has recently finished their weavings.  We only have enough looms for one class to weave at a time, so now Ms. Natasha’s class can begin theirs when we return from the break.  This project takes a lot of patience and perseverance as it can be slow going at the start, but everyone did great with powering through each class until the end.  We gained some perspective at the Miro museum where we saw a giant woven tapestry that was two stories tall.  The kids were in awe of how long it must have taken now that they’ve made their own.  Well done, 4th grade!

BFIS Annual Bookmark Competition 2016

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The Annual Bookmark Competition has begun!
Design a beautiful or thought-provoking bookmark 
and you could see hundreds of copies of your artwork 
printed and distributed throughout the school. 
The designs must be original artwork, created by you.
To get some inspiration from last year’s winners, have a look at the attached PDF.
This year there will be:
-One winner from each grade level, K-5
-Two winners selected from the Middle School
-Two winners selected from the High School
-One winner from Teachers & Staff
Submission forms can be picked up in the Libraries or Art Rooms.
They are due to Mr. Cevoli, Mrs. Emma or Ms. Tiffany by
9am on Monday, December 12th. 
Winners will be announced at eth ES Winter Concert on 16th December
Digital submissions are also accepted via email.  They should be 20cm x 4.5cm.
Thanks and have a great day,
Mr. Cevoli, Mrs. Emma & Miss Tiffany

Welcome to ES Art!

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Welcome to ES Art, where we use a variety of mediums and creative problem solving to explore, learn about and express ourselves through art! In all grades we begin the school year by participating in the project ‘Pinwheels for Peace’. If you click on ‘locations’ you’ll see all of the schools around the world who participate in the project, including BFIS!


Grade 5 Graffiti Tour!

Written by Tiffany Emerick. Posted in ES Art

5th grade art class went on a graffiti tour of Barcelona recently.  The students explored, sketched and discussed what they saw and learned first hand the differences between tagging, stenciling and wheat paste or stickering.  They also created temporary graffiti with chalk and ate lunch at Ciutadella park.  The trip was meant to inspire students ideas for a stencil that will be painted on the wall alongside the Elementary School in the coming weeks!



Graffit Blog 1Pez111Graffiti Blog 3222

A Visit to Bellesguard!

Written by Keelin Swalve. Posted in 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade

Last week, a small group of 2nd and 3rd grade students had the opportunity to discover a hidden gem in our school neighborhood. Bellesguard means “Beautiful View”. In the 14th century, King Martín I el Humano of Aragón made his summer home here, and centuries later, Gaudi built Bellesguard upon the ruins of the ancient castle. Bellesguard is now a private residence, and recently has opened its doors to the public, offering private, guided tours of the exterior and interior elements of this great Modernist work of art.

The students enjoyed learning all about Bellesguard, its history, and Gaudi from Fernando and Toni, who led a fantastic tour of the grounds. Later, the students participated in a trencadis workshop with Angelika from Mosaiccos! We had a lovely day at Bellesguard! If you haven´t already had a chance to visit Bellesguard, we highly recommend you stop by for a visit! For more information, click here!

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3-D Clay & Paper Mache!

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In the Spring, ES art students switch gears from creating primarily two-dimensional drawings, paintings, and collages to three dimensional sculptures from cardboard, recyclable materials, clay and papier mâché.  All students have or will be using clay in the coming weeks.  Below are the fourth grade monsters made from pinch pots!  The first graders are currently creating  papier mâché pharaohs masks, second graders will be making animals, and fourth and fifth graders will be creating everyday objects.  Soon, kindergarten will be creating the planet earth and second graders will be creating animal masks, both from papier mâché and the third graders will be creating a cardboard Barcelona to culminate what they’ve learned from their ‘Our Cities, Barcelona & Belgrade’ project.  Stay tuned!  1st Egyptian Masks Big Mouths