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Reflections from Poonam Pamnani

Written by Kili Lay. Posted in Elementary School, Kili Lay

Notes from the ECIS conference held on 16-18th March in Athens.

Dr Gunilla Dahlberg spoke on The Changing Landscape in Early Childhood Education. It is a highly profiled area and has brought interest among economists, psychologists and educator. The child is seen as the site for change, instead of searching the given identities and locating problem on child. A pedagogy of welcoming and hospitality built on listening and comprehension. A willingness to experiment and to explore creative processes and production. A collective experimentation with the potential already there. A pedagogy that is open to the unknown and the unexpected, start with meaning, listening to students express naturally. Children are all the time creating connections between different subject areas. Start with listening, to challenge ideas. Put productive questions and materials.

Acquisition of 1st language is the most complex skill

Reflections from Laura Avendano

Written by Kili Lay. Posted in Elementary School, Kili Lay

On March 16th to the 18th I attended the ECIS Early Childhood Conference in Athens, Greece. My overall experience of the conference was positive.  There were two great speakers that impressed me.  The first was Mark Levitt, “Working with Stories to Get Stories.”  His main message was to remind us that children are great story tellers.  They may need some guidance and direction from adults.  As teachers, it is important to listen and ask the right questions in order for the stories to fully develop with meaning and emotions.  By listening and asking questions, teachers are also validating and honoring the experiences of each child.  This is truly important to start in the early years as it will help them throughout their life to become good writers and thinkers.