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Welcome to ES Art!

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Welcome to ES Art, where we use a variety of mediums and creative problem solving to explore, learn about and express ourselves through art! In all grades we begin the school year by participating in the project ‘Pinwheels for Peace’. If you click on ‘locations’ you’ll see all of the schools around the world who participate in the project, including BFIS!


Grade 5 Graffiti Tour!

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5th grade art class went on a graffiti tour of Barcelona recently.  The students explored, sketched and discussed what they saw and learned first hand the differences between tagging, stenciling and wheat paste or stickering.  They also created temporary graffiti with chalk and ate lunch at Ciutadella park.  The trip was meant to inspire students ideas for a stencil that will be painted on the wall alongside the Elementary School in the coming weeks!



Graffit Blog 1Pez111Graffiti Blog 3222

3-D Clay & Paper Mache!

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In the Spring, ES art students switch gears from creating primarily two-dimensional drawings, paintings, and collages to three dimensional sculptures from cardboard, recyclable materials, clay and papier mâché.  All students have or will be using clay in the coming weeks.  Below are the fourth grade monsters made from pinch pots!  The first graders are currently creating  papier mâché pharaohs masks, second graders will be making animals, and fourth and fifth graders will be creating everyday objects.  Soon, kindergarten will be creating the planet earth and second graders will be creating animal masks, both from papier mâché and the third graders will be creating a cardboard Barcelona to culminate what they’ve learned from their ‘Our Cities, Barcelona & Belgrade’ project.  Stay tuned!  1st Egyptian Masks Big Mouths

Our Cities, Barcelona & Belgrade!

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It’s Spring!  Which means we’ve begun our big 3rd grade architecture unit.  In the past we collaborated with schools in Tokyo, Helsinki and Moscow, and this year we’re corresponding with a school in Belgrade, Serbia!  The purpose of this project is to incorporate architecture into the art curriculum by having students explore the architecture and culture of Barcelona to then share with their new friends in Serbia, while they do the same teaching us about the architecture and culture of Belgrade.  The project will culminate in an off campus exhibition at Casa Orlandai, near the Sarrià metro.  You can see photos and videos and learn more about the project here:

BOXES Houses

Kinder and Grade 1 Hot Air Balloons

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Students were read the book Sky Color by Peter Reynolds, a story about a girl who needed to paint a sky for the school mural, but couldn’t find any blue paint.  With the help of her art teacher and friends, she soon realizes that the sky is not always blue.  After the story, we created our own watercolor skies. The following class, we learned about Atmospheric Perspective, when things look smaller and less in focus the farther away they are from you.  We then designed different sized hot air balloons, cut them out, and glued them to our watercolor sky background.  2012-10-26 00.26.34

Grade 1 Painted Collages

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Students in Grade 1 were read stories by Eric Carle, and asked to pay close attention to the illustrations in the books. We then looked at different types of collages, and discussed how the illustrations in the books are collages of painted paper.  We then made our own painted collages. We began by planning in our sketchbooks, then painting paper and drawing different parts of our sketchbook drawings onto our different painted papers.  Finally, to complete our collage compositions, we cut the drawings out and glued them to a fresh white background.

2012-10-26 00.30.59