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ES Math Club adds fun to grades 3-5

Written by Beatrice Zimmermann. Posted in After school Activities

This year the BFIS After-School Program reintroduced the Elementary Math Club to Grades 3-5. The activity is run by Ms. Claudia who writes that “we are pushing our brains to look at math in many different ways. We learn about fractions through making our own pizzas, or learn about probability by gambling (with imaginary points). We even practice our addition and subtraction skills by playing our own version of the game Life! It´s always fun and games and lots of learning in the Elementary Math Club.”



Recipes for Petit Chefs

Written by Beatrice Zimmermann. Posted in After school Activities

????????????Our Petit Chefs have worked really hard this academic year and they have  learned lots of things about cooking: how to combine different ingredients, various cooking methods, safely exploring kitchen gadgets, and international dishes from other countries!  They have really become very experienced chefs!!

We would like to share with you some of the recipes they have cooked so that you can also try them at home and have your children show you their new skills. Please keep in mind that the Petit Chefs Recipes are presented in the original form but in the classroom they were adapted for allergies and dietary requirements.

We hope they have all enjoyed cooking.  See you next year!!

Ms. Gemma and Ms. Tere



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