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Repasando conceptos

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unnamed (2)unnamed (3)La clase de quinto de Ms.Mercè y de Ms.Mariona  ya está preparada para empezar este nuevo curso. Estos primeros días hemos estado familiarizándonos con la metodología de la clase, las normas, sus  rutinas y materiales.  Hemos empezado con un tema introductorio sobre algunas normas de ortografía básicas, utilizando la libreta y estrenando el cuaderno. Durante estas primeras semanas seguiremos repasando algunos conceptos  y preparándonos para este curso que nos servirá de transición hacía secundaria.

Welcome to this new journey!

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Welcome to Ms.Nuria’s  Spanish Catalan Studies!

This subject is designed as a CLIL program. The main objective is to give our Spanish Language Learners the opportunity to broaden and consolidate their linguistic skills while simultaneously acquiring a better understanding of the country and city they are now living at. This year, we will focus on the region of Cataluña. We will learn some geography, discovering some of the wonders of Costa Brava or Costa Dorada, some amazing national parks or the magic of the Pyrenees. We will also explore urban art in Barcelona as well as important artists such as Dalí or Picasso. We will admire beautiful masterpieces from Gaudí or Puig i Cadafalch, among others.  We will learn about literature, food, traditions, festivities, music and popular culture.

Students will have the opportunity to read and write, listen to stories, watch videos, play with games, undertake digital projects and crafts in order to gain a good insight of this region.

I am looking forward to starting this new journey!



Grade 5 Graffiti Tour!

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5th grade art class went on a graffiti tour of Barcelona recently.  The students explored, sketched and discussed what they saw and learned first hand the differences between tagging, stenciling and wheat paste or stickering.  They also created temporary graffiti with chalk and ate lunch at Ciutadella park.  The trip was meant to inspire students ideas for a stencil that will be painted on the wall alongside the Elementary School in the coming weeks!



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Comics for Social Spanish

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Comics are an asset in education because of its motivating power. Comics’ primary advantage over other literary forms is that comics are fundamentally a visual medium, where pictures connect with text, making comprehension easier. Comics can put a human face on a given subject resulting in an emotional connection between the students and the characters of a story. That motivating and humanizing power was a perfect context for our last project, Comics for Social Spanish.


Our Advanced SAL students are exploring the different registers in Spanish. Spoken and written Spanish adapts vocabulary words, language expressions, grammatical choices ( or usted) and expressions to a given context. Advanced students need practice with registers to adapt to circumstances and situations, acquiring a range of skills and linguistic resources. In order to develop those abilities first in the informal Spanish, our students imagined a group of friends celebrating a party and wrote a dialogue. They were told to include several structures and expressions that we have been studying. Once they designed a first draft for the dialogues, they created a comic. The results were witty and creative. They loved to be comic designers for the day, being able to incorporate some ICT resources into the Spanish session and to share their creations with friends.

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Books and roses

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la foto (1)Sant Jordi is a very important day celebrated on April 23rd. These days students of Spanish-Catalan Studies 4/5 has started a new unit about all the traditions and celebrations that take place around the city of Barcelona. On this day  the city is full of books and roses. Many authors come to the city to sign their books: you can enjoy this opportunity by visiting one of the many stands to be found around “La Rambla” or Catalunya foto 23

In class, we are talking about different books inspired by the city of Barcelona. “The City of Marvels” by Eduardo Mendoza, which depicts the modernist Barcelona . Another example is “The Shadow of the Wind” with an exciting plot taking place around all the winding alleys of the Gothic area  or “The Cathedral of the Sea” illustrating the building process of Santa María del Mar.

“Hiking” the Pyrenees

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The Pyrenees are the mountainous crown of Catalonia and one of the most important geographic landmarks. Therefore, our 4th and 5th  Spanish Catalan Studies students were studying some of the natural parks and reserves to be found in the Pyrenees. Some examples are La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone or the Núria Valley.

We were visualizing pictures and videos, reading and learning about all these natural reserves. Then, students elaborated a synoptic chart summarizing key information about the parks. We also explored activities and possibilities that all these zones have to offer to visitors, as well as some of the ski stations.

Ready to go hike in the mountains!

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