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Los animales y los lugares en los que viven

Written by Maria Guttierez. Posted in 1st Grade SAL, Kindergarten SAL, SAL

Kindergarten and 1st graders from SAL have been studying the animals and the places in which we can find them. We have learned their names, the characteristics they have and the differences existing between them.


We have been using four different centers to work this topic and we have enjoyed them all very much! See them below:


1. Manipulative center: We have been using memory to relate the pictures from the animals to their name in Spanish.

IMG_20160426_141049330   IMG_20160426_141037668

2. Reading center: Books have been a very useful tool not only to have a first approach to new vocabulary but also to learn some new structures and words in Spanish.


3. Listening center: Bingo is one of our favorite games and it also helps us consolidate new contents!


4. Reading center: In this corner, someone tells us a word in Spanish and we have to find the picture that corresponds to it. We also look for the word written and get a closer view to Spanish phonetics.

Multimedia presentations, worksheets and videos have also been some of the resources used during this unit that have helped us learn while having fun.

¡We will keep you updated with more news soon!

1st Grade SAL goes to the circus in class!

Written by Maria Angeles Salvat. Posted in SAL

Welcome to this SAL class!

Here, the students will learn Spanish in a natural way, which will probably help them develop an interest in this language and culture.

The circus is a world that has no borders. Through games, dramatizations, poetry, songs, and simple reading and writing exercises, the students will hopefully enjoy while they learn.

Our first unit is about presenting ourselves.

circo 2

Welcome to ES Art!

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Welcome to ES Art, where we use a variety of mediums and creative problem solving to explore, learn about and express ourselves through art! In all grades we begin the school year by participating in the project ‘Pinwheels for Peace’. If you click on ‘locations’ you’ll see all of the schools around the world who participate in the project, including BFIS!