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3-D Clay & Paper Mache!

Written by Tiffany Emerick. Posted in ES Art

In the Spring, ES art students switch gears from creating primarily two-dimensional drawings, paintings, and collages to three dimensional sculptures from cardboard, recyclable materials, clay and papier mâché.  All students have or will be using clay in the coming weeks.  Below are the fourth grade monsters made from pinch pots!  The first graders are currently creating  papier mâché pharaohs masks, second graders will be making animals, and fourth and fifth graders will be creating everyday objects.  Soon, kindergarten will be creating the planet earth and second graders will be creating animal masks, both from papier mâché and the third graders will be creating a cardboard Barcelona to culminate what they’ve learned from their ‘Our Cities, Barcelona & Belgrade’ project.  Stay tuned!  1st Egyptian Masks Big Mouths

Todo sobre BFIS. Taller de Escritura

Written by Carmen Anido. Posted in Castellano, ES CSCS



En clase  de Ms. Anna y Ms Carmen hemos finalizado nuestro taller de escritura. Los estudiantes se han convertido en escritores e ilustradores de su propio libro: “Todo sobre Bfis”.  Antes de empezar con nuestro taller  hemos proporcionado información, vídeos, fotos, libros sobre el colegio para motivar y estructurar el proceso de escritura. Con pequeñas  “lecciones” hemos aprendido las diferentes partes que componen un libro ampliando así nuestro vocabulario. Este  taller de escritura ha sido especialmente motivador porque los estudiantes han escrito sobre lo que más  conocen y quieren que es su colegio.


Written by Elena Pons. Posted in ES PE

Kindergarten through 5th grade have experienced for the first time Gymnastics in our Auditorium. Here are some pictures of our classes. A whole new experience for many of our students.


gym 1 gym 2 gym 3 gym 4 gym 5 gym 6 gym7 gym 8

All about… Barcelona!

Written by Maria Guttierez. Posted in ES CSCS, SAL

Barcelona-Ville1 In 1st grade, we have just started our writing workshop “All about…” and we are going to write about Barcelona. In the coming weeks, we will talk about all the things that we know about this city, watching videos, reading books… Students will write about the food, monuments and places to visit. So, if you can encourage them to learn more about Barcelona, visiting the most important places or tasting typical food, it would be very helpful!

Foto writing Bcn

Ens agraden els contes clàssics en català

Written by Carmen Anido. Posted in ES CSCS

A les classes de català de 1r,  estem treballant  la comprensió oral a partir d´alguns contes clàssics. D´aquesta manera, els alumnes comencena familiaritzar-se amb la llengua d´una  manera lúdica. Després, els nens  expliquen  la part del conte que  més  els ha agradat i també descriuen un personatge oralment. Les properes setmanes practicarem el vocabulari d’hivern i els plurals.

cubs se llegir


What is happening in Fall?

Written by Maria Guttierez. Posted in ES CSCS, SAL

calabazas, palabras de otoñoThese days students have learned about Fall and traditions that we celebrate during this season. They have been learning vocabulary related to food, clothes, weather… We have sung the  Castañera song and now they know a little bit more about this celebration in Spain.

Also, last week we talked about Thanksgiving Day; students learned to say what they are thankful for in Spanish and they wrote simple sentences about this festivity.

During the next days we will continue working on clothing and we will start body parts.

    mi cuerpo y la ropapavo thanksgiving