Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

No question is a stupid question! Not asking questions or checking for an answer here is (a little bit). While many questions have been asked before we decided to create this list with answers, as it is the quickest way to to help you. In the event your question is not here please contact us by filling in the form at the bottom of this page. We will then get back to you within 24 hours.

How do I use these FAQs?

Just click the question to see the answer.

How do I sign in ... my password not work?

To sign in you start by

  1. Clicking 'LOGIN to write' in the main menu.
  2. Then you type your username (usually this is the same as you use for BFIS school accounts, most often first name last initial).
  3. Then you type your password. (note: the password is case sensitive.) We strongly suggest that you change your password that we gave you when we created the account. You could for example change this to the same password as you use for other BFIS services like email...this makes it much easier to remember.
  4. Finally - Click "Login"

If this was not successful you either typed in the wrong username or password.

In this case do one of the following:

A) You could try to click "Lost your password?"

  1. then you will be prompted to type your email address (normally your BFIS email address)
  2. and then click the button "Get New Password".
  3. Check your email, and you will have been sent a link to proceed with the password reset process.

B) Contact us by clicking here  (we will get back to you within 24 hours).

How do I change my password?

Got a super long password that is impossible to remember? ... ...
Then change your password.

  • Sign in
  • Click your name (top right)
  • Click "edit my profile" 
  • scroll down to password and type your new password twice.

For more details and screenshots of the step by step click here

I want to blog. How do I get a username?

Great news that you want to start blogging!

simply click here and request an account (we will get back to you within 24 hours).

How do I create a blog post?

A more detailed set of step-by-step instructions, including screen-shots is available here 

  1. Click "Login to Write"
  2. Click "Add New", then "Post"
  3. Write
  4. Select a Category / and tags (optional)
  5. Click "Save Draft" or "Publish"

How do I add an image?

This is really easy! ... but it might be confusing the first time you do this. There are several options to make the image look perfect in your blog post. We even helped you with one click solutions to insert an image with full width of the blog post, or as a small image that illustrates something that you are writing about. We also added some functionality that allows your reader to click an image and then see it in full size... and something that allows the reader to flip through all the images in full size (like a slide show).

For all these details in a easy to follow step by step please click here

How do I fix the formating?

Let me start by saying this is one of the most common problems so you are not alone!

When the formatting gets all strange it is probably because you copied the text from another application like for example Microsoft word or another website. There is a simple fix for this! Instead of just copy and paste you can use one of these two highlighted buttons to paste the content into your blog post. (see image)

  • The button with the W is to past from word
  • The button with the T is to remove all formatting and paste it as plain text

Once you are done with pasting the content from your source document you can style it just like you are used to doing in applications like Microsoft Word. Just select the text and apply the styling, by simply using the drop-down arrow next to the word paragraph. (blue highlight)! If you just want to make something Bold or Italic use those buttons. If things still do not format correctly you can erase all formatting by selecting the text and then clicking the format eraser. Hope this helps, but if not please let us know via the help button on this site.




How do I add (embed) a YouTube video?

Great question!

There are so many great videos that would look much better embedded in your blog post than by simply providing the link to YouTube. Embedding it would also keep your reader on your Blog instead of on YouTube where some tend to get distracted by other videos they just had to watch ... 😉

To answer this question we have created our own blog post that shows hot to do this in easy steps with examples

Just Click Here

- the short answer is: " through a simple  Copy / Paste " 

How to clip text/images from other site with 1 click?

Wordpress provides this great tool that allows you to publish a blog post with one click. It's called "Press This", and it allows you to click this button while you are reading something interesting from some other site and then automagically it creates a blog post. It is a wonderful feature for bloggers as it help you highlight something that your read elsewhere on the web. Obviously you can add your own text to explain why your reader should check this content etc.

So how do you use it?

  1. Sign in
  2. Then click BFIS Blogoshere in the Wordpress toolbar on top.
  3. Click Tools and a page with the following text shows up.

Press This

Press This is a bookmarklet: a little app that runs in your browser and lets you grab bits of the web. Use Press This to clip text, images and videos from any web page. Then edit and add more straight from Press This before you save or publish it in a post on your site. Drag-and-drop the following link to your bookmarks bar or right click it and add it to your favorites for a posting shortcut.

  1. So drag this icon to your bookmarks bar
  2. Now browse to something you want to blog about
  3. Highlight the text (and/or image)
  4. and click the Press This button you just dragged to the bookmark bar.
  5. At this point the new post is opening, just edit if needed, add the correct category, and some tags perhaps.
  6. Publish and done !



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