Google Docs / Drive and your Blog

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Have you ever shared a document, then having to update it, and then having to re-share the updated version? Or have you ever wanted to share a whole set of pictures? Then please take a look at the Google Drive video below.

Simply add the ‘folder share link’ to your (protected) blog post to share a slide show of all the pictures in that folder… you can even add more pictures to the folder later.

Or share homework documents with your students, by simply adding the link to your blog post. There is no need to upload these things to your blog, its much simpler to manage your documents via Google Drive.


  • Share a file or folders of files, with specific people or with anybody that has the link in 3 clicks.
  • Accessible via any device, or automatically delivered to the hard drive of the people you share with.
  • Easy document or folder upload, or even automatic folder synchronization via your hardrive.

How do I change my password?

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Do you have a super long password that is impossible to remember?…

Then change it to something you CAN remember!

We did selected a Username that is easy to remember ( the same that you use for email ). Your initial password however we made uncomfortably long on purpose to encourage you to change it. Note (hint) you could keep your password in-sync with your email password. Then it is super easy to remember…

change password in two easy steps

step one



step two … type your new password



Easy right?


FYI    we do not know your password, can not see it as it is fully encrypted

How to reserve stuff using Google Calendars

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Before reading this post, make sure you already have added the appropiate calendar for reserving the correct stuff.  Adding BFIS Calendars

We have  some calendars to reserve stuff and facilities:

  • Projectors
  • Computer Lab
  • Laptops cart
  • Facilities like Middle High School Patio, Elementary School Cafeteria
  • (Take a look Adding BFIS Calendars to see what else we have available for you)

Adding BFIS Calendars

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One of the most interesting things we got with Google Apps is the possibility to have and share calendars among all staff and the only requirement is to have a BFIS Email Account.

Follow the steps below in order to add interesting BFIS Calendars to your  calendar section.

  1. Login with your BFIS email account at
  2. Go to your calendar section.

Creating a post with one click

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WordPress provides this great tool that allows you to publish a blog post with one click. It’s called “Press This”, and it allows you to click this button while you are reading something interesting from some other site and then automagically it creates a blog post. It is a wonderful feature for bloggers as it help you highlight something that your read elsewhere on the web. Obviously you can add your own text to explain why your reader should check this content etc.

So how do you use it?

  1. Sign in
  2. Then click BFIS Blogoshere in the WordPress toolbar on top.
  3. Click Tools and a page with the following text shows up.

Press This

Press This is a bookmarklet: a little app that runs in your browser and lets you grab bits of the web.

Use Press This to clip text, images and videos from any web page. Then edit and add more straight from Press This before you save or publish it in a post on your site.

Drag-and-drop the following link to your bookmarks bar or right click it and add it to your favorites for a posting shortcut.

  1. So drag this icon to your bookmarks bar
  2. Now browse to something you want to blog about
  3. Highlight the text (and/or image)
  4. and click the Press This button you just dragged to the bookmark bar.
  5. At this point the new post is opening, just edit if needed, add the correct category, and some tags perhaps.
  6. Publish and done !