Superstars at the Winter Holiday Concert

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Our Pre-K students along with Ms. Anita’s amazing instruction were proud to present their Winter Holiday show last week! With beautifully decorated costumes and songs like “When You Wish Upon a Star” and “I’d Rather Be Me”, the students showcased their singing and drama skills. Thank you all for attending and we are so proud of your children for all their hard work!


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Podcast: A Closer Look at the ES Progress Reports

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In the early spring of 2012 we began discussions as an ES Faculty about redesigning our progress report.  The version we were using at the time had been in use for several years and despite certain strengths we found ourselves constantly analyzing its shortcomings.

While content that our progress reports were aligned to standards, we felt that numeric ratings of performance provided very little specific feedback to families.  Moreover, it was difficult to show progress and development over the course of a school year.  Needless to say, we were convinced that we could do better and that is the only motivation we ever need as a faculty to make a change.

Over many months we engaged in a process that incorporated research of best practices, teacher-led committees, grade-level focus groups and consultation from Ken O’Connor, a leader in the area of assessment and reporting.  Even though we were faced with the reality a child’s development can never be fully captured in a handful of pages, we were able to incorporate key facets represent a significant improvement from previous years.  As a result, we look forward to the Progress Reports playing an essential role in communicating with parents about their child’s progress and another avenue to strengthen the invaluable partnership between school and home.

For further information about the Progress Reports, please click on the video below to launch, A Closer Look at the Elementary School Progress Reports.  I have created a podcast that provides more information about the key facets of the Progress Report and examples of how they incorporated into the overall design.



Important Parent Reminders for Week of Oct. 21st

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1. BFIS Picture Day

•    When: Wednesday Oct. 23rd 
•    Time: 8:50 

If your child is late, he/she will not get their picture taken.

2. Halloween Parade

•    When: Friday Oct. 25th
•    Time: 3:00pm

Please send a Halloween costume in your child’s backpack for our BFIS Halloween Parade. We would need 3 parent volunteers from each Pre-K class to help us decorate the classrooms and assist us with helping our children put on their costumes.

Please feel free to contact your Room Parent if you have any questions.

Swapna  email:
Alex  email:
Ana   email:

~Prek Team

Prek Literacy Program

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Dear Prek Parents,


Our team of teachers love having book time and reading with your children every day! We have made a “Reading Tree” at school and need your help to continue encouraging reading from school to home. We need to add leaves to our tree and we need your help! We will be sending green and colored (fall) leaves home in your child’s backpack Monday Oct. 21st next week. Please record information on these leaves when you read a special book with your child and send them back to school for our tree.


Information to put on the leaves may include the following: writing the book title, your child’s reaction to the story, a picture of you reading with your child, what your child’s favorite part was, a picture of your child’s favorite book, etc. Every time we get a leaf, we will laminate it and place it on our class tree. We hope to watch our tree grow throughout the school year! Thank you for your support with our literacy project!
Secondly, as part of our literacy program we will be spending time each week focusing on one letter and it´s sound. We want to help the children make connections both at home and school, so we also need your help and support in this. Each week our classrooms will have lots of activities, games and explorations to do with the“Letter of the week”. We will be collecting together things that start with that letter on our “letter table”. We ask that over the weekend you find something small with your child that starts with the coming weeks letter and bring it in to school on the following Monday to share with the class.


Next week is our first week and we will be starting with the letter “s“.
Thanks for your help! Have a wonderful weekend!!

~Prek Team



BFIS Pre-k Start of Year Supply and Wish List 2013-14

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Dear Parents,

   We would like to welcome you to our preschool classroom! Below is a supply list of items that your child will need and a “wish” list of items we would like to have for the start of the 2013-14 school year. Thank you for all of your help!


~Pre-k Team


Supply List Includes:

 *Backpack big enough to fit an A4-size folder with his/her name visible

 *2 boxes of baby wipes

 *1 box of tissues

*Velcro shoes 

*Small water bottle with his/her name visible

*Change of labeled clothing including socks, underwear, T-shirt and a pair of pants and/or skirt (to be left at school in a separate bag with name on it)


 *Small blanket for resting time

 *Raincoat to keep in the classroom (please do not bring umbrellas)



Wish List Includes:

*1 box of skinny colored pencils

*1 can of shaving cream

*1 package of glue sticks

 *1 small rectangular plastic storage container for  extra clothes







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Welcome to our Pre-k classroom for the 2013-2014 school year!


       As all children are individually unique, so are their learning and developmental needs.  Through our play based program, your children will be exposed to an environment where they are explorers in their learning. They will learn and develop conflict resolution strategies and social problem solving skills. Providing children with choices, taking responsibility and caring for classroom materials will help to foster their confidence and independence. 

      Through the various center areas, we will practice hand-eye coordination and refine small/large muscle skills, work on creative problem solving, practice early literacy and writing, make scientific discoveries and develop math skills. Adults will model appropriate language for children throughout the day to show them how to use words to explain and describe what they are doing, make requests, ask and answer questions, and work out social conflicts. 





Jessica Buescher and Carolina Baez– Pre-k Lead teachers

Alex Wells and Holly Gilbert– Associate teachers

Jefa and Maria – Spanish Teachers

Anita Kleijn- Art and Music

Elena Pons– P.E.



Our team is excited to work with you and your child this year. Thank you for all that you already do everyday!


                                                                                      ~Pre-k Team