Meditation in Pre-K

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Our Pre-K Team wanted to share that our students are learning how to meditate and we started teaching this technique last week! We meditated with a focus on how we are a beautiful flower and how we love ourselves. We used a flower in the middle of our circle to help them really be able to visualize this with a concrete object. Then we either sat in lotus pose (easy cross legged) or laid down comfortably on the carpet and listened to ourselves breathe in and out for about 2-3min. Today we meditated again and then did an activity afterward where they drew pictures and talked about how they felt afterward. This is such a wonderful practice enhancing mindfulness in your children.
Here is the video that we shared  in order to explain what meditation is:
Also here is an interesting article on meditation too:
If you would like to try it out at home, it is another beautiful way to help your child connect with themselves and their feelings, release stress or worry, and relax!

Parent Info Session – Language Acquisition

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languages_for-geopointeThis morning we had the opportunity present our latest parent info session on the topic of language acquisition.  It was excited to see a strong turnout of families representing many different grades and nationalities.  We want say an extra special thank you to everyone who set aside the time to be with us this morning.

For individuals who were unable to attend, we have included a link to the presentation slides.  Additionally, we have also embedded a video in this post that was created by a fellow international school.  The video highlights the importance of supporting the continued development of the “mother tongue” for students who attend international schools where the primary language of instruction is not their first language.

As always, our goal at BFIS is to honor the unique qualities of every child and implement research-based instructional strategies to maximize every student’s potential.  We hope you will find this information helpful and we look forward to continuing to support your children in their language journey!

Language Acquisition at BFIS Presentation Slides

Room on the Broom

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In Pre-K we have been learning how to listen out for rhymes in words. We talked about how a rhyme is when two words sound the same at the end of the word, such as cat and sat, or room and broom. To introduce this concept we tied in a little halloween inspiration and dug out one of our favorite books; Room on the Broom.

Room on the Broom was written by a British author, Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Sheffler, who you may know from the amazing Gruffalo. It tells the story of a kind witch and her cat who invite a number of other animals to join them whilst travelling on her broomstick. Room on the Broom has been translated into 21 languages and has won 6 book awards!

In Room on the Broom, there are rhymes all the way through, and as we are reading we leave pauses and gaps for the children to try and fill with the rhyming words. We also ask the children to do a special signal to show that they have heard the same sound twice. When you read any poems/rhymes at home, get your child to show you how we show it’s a rhyme!

We have added a link to a video of the story, and also to the website for the book which has lots of lovely games and ideas.

Happy reading!


ES Parent Teacher Conferences

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 PTCParent-Teacher conferences for parents of Elementary students from Nursery to 5th grade will take place on

Friday, November 6th and Monday, November 9th.  We will be using the same electronic self-appointment system that we have in previous years to facilitate the  scheduling process.

Please click the following link to sign up for a conference with your child(ren)’s teacher(s):

ES Conference Sign Up  – NOT OPEN UNTIL OCTOBER 30TH

We will not be able to offer alternative programs or all-day childcare during the conference days.  We will, however, have limited childcare available for parents who need to bring their child/children to campus for the duration of their conferences.
If you have any questions about the sign up process, please feel free to contact Caroline Rockett ( the administrative assistant of ES.

Language Acquisition Info Session for Elementary Parents

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BFIS Parent Info Session

We are excited to announce the third topic for our series of parent info sessions for elementary families:  Language Acquisition!

One of the many unique qualities of our community is its multicultural and multilingual composition.  It is clear that providing opportunities for children to develop language proficiency beyond their native tongue is a common aim for all families.  Naturally, our goal is to aid students developing proficiency in more than one language as part of their journey as global citizens.

Our presentation will touch upon the following:

  • Information and field research about how language acquisition takes place
  • How we support language acquisition at BFIS through English as an Additional Language (EAL) support and our Spanish as an Additional Language (SAL) program
  • General recommendations for parents about how to best support language acquisition
  • Specific resources for parents to support language acquisition

The info session will be held on Friday, November 13th at 9:00 am.  Originally, we had tentatively planned for Friday, October 30th but many families expressed that it would be difficult to attend because of commitments related to our Halloween celebration.  Therefore, we have decided to push the event back by two weeks.

Parents who are interested in attending this information session are asked to RSVP using this link.  Based on the number of responses, we will select an optimal location for the presentation and follow up with everyone who RSVP’d.

We look forward to seeing you at the session!