Indoor Gross Motor: Yoga and Dance

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During our morning gross motor period, we are actively engaging our bodies through yoga and dance. Yoga and dance both enhance flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. Both help improve concentration, instill a sense of calm, and create a deeper connection to one’s inner-self and the world around them. We also are practicing other deep breathing techniques to help with self regulation in order to them to be mindful of how they are feeling.  It is even scientifically proven to enhance and increase neural connections in the areas of the brain responsible for memory and learning. Look at how much fun we are having!





Field Trip to Catalunya en Miniatura

Written by Jessica Buescher. Posted in PreK

In order to celebrate our Buildings and Transportation Unit, our Pre-K classes took an excursion to Catalunya en Miniatura. While there we were able to make connections to prior learning about how buildings are made from many different materials and compare sizes and shapes in buildings, as well as recognize familiar buildings like an airport or Tibidabo. We also saw many types of transportation vehicles that we use to get from place to place, such as an airplane or a train. After exploring the miniatura, we had an adventure climbing on a ropes course!



Café Con Libros

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ES Principal, Ms. Jorge, met with 20+ parents on Tuesday to enjoy coffee and pastries while discussing the importance of reading, and especially reading at home to and with children (in any language!) Parents were asked to think about how they first learned to read and were pushed to think about the difficulties of learning to read for the first time. The importance of making reading fun and enjoyable for kids came up over and over again and Ms. Jorge provided suggestions for different ways that parents can continue to encourage and build their children’s love for reading. We look forward to welcoming parents back for the next Café Con Libros!

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Thank you

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I heart BFIS
During the past ten years, many things have changed in the elementary school.  Although I am naturally biased, I am confident that the work accomplished by our faculty over this period of time leaves the school is in a much stronger place than when I arrived in 2006.

With that said, I am equally convinced that the best is yet to come.  For the first time, BFIS will have completed a building from the foundation up and the elementary school happens to be the lucky inhabitants.  Additionally, the introduction of new leaders at an important time will provide unique and fresh perspectives in helping guide our ongoing pursuit of the school mission.

I am very grateful for everything that BFIS has given to me over the last decade.  An invaluable professional experience.  Unforgettable relationships.  The opportunity to live in my favorite city.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, BFIS.