The Farm!

Written by Caitriona Ross. Posted in Nursery

This week in Nursery we started out new unit: The Farm!  The children are really enjoying learning about all the different animals that live on the farm.  We’ll also be talking about what the animals eat, where they sleep on the farm and how the farmers take care of the animals.

On Thursday we went on an adventure to a Farm!  The children were able to see all the animals we’d been talking about, as well as touch and feed them.  They also got to see, touch and smell all the different types of food that the animals eat and the places where they sleep.  Everyone really enjoyed the trip and the children will be talking about it in class for a long time!

Here are some pictures of the children enjoying the trip.

IMG_5878 IMG_1949 IMG_9873 IMG_5884 IMG_1944  IMG_1985 IMG_1967 IMG_5900

Ants and Bugs!

Written by Caitriona Ross. Posted in Nursery

We have started our new Ants and Bugs Unit! Over the next 3 weeks we’ll be talking about ants and other insects.  It’s the perfect time of year to go exploring outside and enjoying nature!

We’ll be finding the answers to questions like:

What do ants look like?

Where do ants live?

What do ants eat?

We will also be taking some walks outside to try find some ants and other insects.

We’ll make our very own Nursery Ant Nest and watch the ants grow.

When we take a look at other insects we’ll discuss the life cycle of a butterfly – from chrysalis to adult butterfly!

We’re going to practice our shapes and counting skills by making insects out of different shapes and counting all their legs.

We’re very excited to start our new unit and explore with the kids!!




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In Nursery we have started our new unit of study: Plants! 

What is a plant? How do plants grow? What happens when we plant a seed? What do they need to grow? We will be working on answering all these questions and more!

This week we will be putting some white beans in zip lock bags and we will watch them grow roots and a sprout. In order to develop the students phonemic awareness we will also be reading this lovely poem about a growing flower.

Also this week we will grow our very own plant! In order to do this, we ask parents to please bring a small clay pot to school someday this week. In class we will paint it, put soil in it, put some seeds in, water it, place it in a sunny spot and hopefully a plant will grow!

beans IMG_1559



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In Nursery we are well into our CLOTHES unit. It is fun exploring different fabrics, working with zippers and buttons, finding and cutting clothes in magazine, making our own outfits, counting buttons and talking about all the different kinds of clothes we wear. Next week, as a culminating activity, the students will be dressing their very own cut-out person!

As parents, you might notice that your child is still interested in the study of clothes and wants to find out more. Here are some examples of additional questions you may want to investigate with your child to extend the study:

  • What do people do with their clothes when they don’t fit anymore?
  • What clothes do people wear in different kinds of weather?
  • Who decides what clothes should look like?
  • How are clothes cleaned when they get dirty?
  • What clothes do people wear in different parts of the world?

IMG_1423 IMG_1425 IMG_1438 IMG_1439IMG_1417


Written by AngieB. Posted in Nursery

In Nursery we have started our new unit on CLOTHES! Children are interested in clothes from a very young age. Babies tug their clothes, toddlers study buttons and zippers, and by the time children are in school, they develop distinct preferences for colors, fabrics and styles.

In Nursery, children’s natural interest in clothing will be the foundation for learning about different kinds of clothes, the variety of fabrics, and the specialized purposes of some clothes. We will explore social studies and science concepts about different types of clothing and we will use skills in literacy and math as they investigate.