K/1st Overnight Trip Update

Written by Lila Jorge. Posted in 1st Grade, ES Principal, Kindergarten

Other than the wi-fi being spotty, life is great!  My apologies for not posting last night – I literally walked around all the buildings at midnight to try and get a strong enough signal to post photos.


We are getting dressed and starting up with the day. Fingers crossed – there is no rain!

You’l’ll be happy to know the kids have all been eating extremely well. In fact, yesterday at lunch we cancelled the dessert because the kids were so full after the first two courses.

We are planning on arriving back around 3:00 pm.  We look forward to seeing you then!


K/1st Overnight Trip Update!

Written by Lila Jorge. Posted in 1st Grade, ES Principal, Kindergarten

Just a quick snapshot to show that we are in a stunning location, the weather is cooperating more than enough for us to get outside, and, most importantly, we are having an amazing time!  I’d prefer not to spend the experience inside typing on a computer, which means I am off to rejoin the kids.  But, I thought all of you would appreciate a quick update with a few snapshots.

I will try to add more photos later tonight when we start to settle in for bed!




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On Thursday in Kindergarten we finished our unit on Persuasive writing.

We enjoyed sharing our work with our friends in a Publication party, giving them compliments, asking questions and making suggestions.


We are now moving on to our final writing unit for this year, Fairy Tales!

IMPORTANT: Upcoming ES Assembly Dates

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As we welcome Spring and the last couple of months of the school year, we will like you to mark your calendars for the remaining ES Assemblies.   There have been some changes please make sure you have the updated dates!
Tuesday, April 19th 
  • Kindergarten Green Week Assembly
  • Second grade music performance
Thursday, May 26th
  • Second grade Appreciation Assembly
  • Fourth grade Diversity Assembly
  • First grade music performance

We kindly remind you that all ES Assemblies take place in the BFIS Auditorium at 9:00 AM

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