Eureka Math Module 1: Numbers to 10

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Dear Parents,

We have been very excited about our learning in Math. We have successfully completed out first module Numbers to 10.

The students were immediately involved in purposeful and meaningful activities. They were engaged in math dialogues for example “These balloons are exactly the same.” “These are the same but a different size.”

They also learned cardinalities and have been practicing the counting sequence. “I put a pencil, a book, and an eraser, three things, in the backpack for school.” “I put five toys in the closet to keep at home”.

The students have been learning to order, count and write up to ten objects to answer how many questions from linear, to array, to circular, and finally to scattered configurations. Students have also used their understanding of relationships between numbers and know that each successive number name refers to a quantity that is one greater and that the number before is one less. The students used several strategies and tools to show their understanding of a concept. It has been a fabulous unit of learning in school!



Math 10 Frame

Unifix Cubes




We Are Readers and Writers!

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The beginning of Kindergarten is an extremely exciting time full of growth and discovery, especially in terms of our students’ reading and writing development. As in past years, we are using the Teacher’s College Lucy Calkins Writing Workshop, but this year we are also excited to be implementing the Reading Workshop in Kindergarten and across the Elementary School grades.



The Workshop model focuses on minimizing teachers’ talking time and maximizing students’ doing time. The model therefore uses a 5-10 minute mini-lesson in which the teacher guides the children through the day’s teaching point, sitting all together on the floor. Then we send the children off to work independently or with partners before gathering them back together as a whole group at the end of the class in order to share what we have been working on. This gives the kids the time to put what they are learning into action as the teachers circulate and work with different students.


The mini-lesson includes:


1) A connection to what we have been doing on previous days

2) A teaching point

3) A time for active engagement in which the students can apply the teaching point of the day


4) A link that brings what we are learning back into the context of the kids’ lives so that they can apply it themselves.


In our coming posts you’ll be able to find more information on what we have been working on while launching the Writing and Reading Workshops during the first few months of school this year as we have been seeing our Kindergarteners turn into the wonderful and creative readers and writers that they are!




Café Con Libros

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ES Principal, Ms. Jorge, met with 20+ parents on Tuesday to enjoy coffee and pastries while discussing the importance of reading, and especially reading at home to and with children (in any language!) Parents were asked to think about how they first learned to read and were pushed to think about the difficulties of learning to read for the first time. The importance of making reading fun and enjoyable for kids came up over and over again and Ms. Jorge provided suggestions for different ways that parents can continue to encourage and build their children’s love for reading. We look forward to welcoming parents back for the next Café Con Libros!

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Our First Family Friday

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We were thrilled to see so many of our K-5 parents this morning for our first Family Friday! Both teachers and students were eager and excited to welcome the parents into their morning meetings. And, it was obvious that our parents were equally excited as they joined in with the morning greetings, songs, chants, and even dancing! BFIS is lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive parent community and we look forward to welcoming all of you back for our next Family Friday on November 4th!

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Thank you

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I heart BFIS
During the past ten years, many things have changed in the elementary school.  Although I am naturally biased, I am confident that the work accomplished by our faculty over this period of time leaves the school is in a much stronger place than when I arrived in 2006.

With that said, I am equally convinced that the best is yet to come.  For the first time, BFIS will have completed a building from the foundation up and the elementary school happens to be the lucky inhabitants.  Additionally, the introduction of new leaders at an important time will provide unique and fresh perspectives in helping guide our ongoing pursuit of the school mission.

I am very grateful for everything that BFIS has given to me over the last decade.  An invaluable professional experience.  Unforgettable relationships.  The opportunity to live in my favorite city.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, BFIS.