Augmented reality in Spanish classes!

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SAL students have been elaborating their master pieces for their own museum!

We have been working on the parts of the body and physical descriptions by learning some vocabulary and grammar structures we have to use when doing so. For this project, we have been using augmented reality by using an application called “Aurasma”. To elaborate our project, we have picked a person we consider to be our hero and we have written about him in terms of physical appearance. We have also make a portrait of that person and proved that we are truly artists! Finally, we have record ourselves talking about that person and created our own logo so that when we place an iPad in front of it, you can see the recording.

We are very excited to share the result with all of you so be aware for news coming your way related to the museum “opening”!

On the following weeks, we will be working on irregular and reflexive verbs, we will go through the use of imperative and will also learn about the use of pronouns in Spanish. In terms of vocabulary, we will talk about clothes, the parts of a house and habits.


Age of Exploration: 15th Century Explorers in the Elementary School Library Catalog

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ES Library Resources available for Grade 5 students Research Work

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Grade 5 students are currently working on researching Age of Exploration: 15th Century Explorers.   Here are some excellent databases which are subscribed to by BFIS.  Your child can use then now and in all their future information research activities.  You will find them on the Library page on our BFIS Website.  Just click on ES Library and then the Database Subscription tab.  PLease also check out the book list of 15th Century Explorers on the ES Library Blog.

BFIS Elementary School Library Homepage


Britannica School Edition


username:  benfrank                   password: bfis2009


Choose primary or intermediate for your search.  For this assignment, you can explore Britannica’s Biography link.


EBSCO Host         


username:  benfranklin              password: bfis2012


Choose EXPLORA primary schools for your search.  For this assignment, you can click on the Biography link.

Football tournament – student initiative

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A couple weeks ago we had a 5th and 4th grade football tournament and about 30 kids participated in it. We raised a good amount of money for charity. This charity is for kids that don’t have footballs to play with. There was a winning team, in this case it was team A. A lot of people came to watch the final game A vs B it was intense and it went into penalties. Even before the tournament Me Owen Boudreau ,Kristian Kelley, and Yuval Trachtenberg went to our counselor and asked the if we could set it up.



The organizers


We encourage everyone to try to start something unique because you get a feeling that your making people happy.


Owen Boudreau