Get on the “Write” Track!

Written by Julie Rainer. Posted in 2nd Grade

Getting to Know Ourselves as Writers has been our first unit in Writing Workshop. It’s focused on building strong writers while re-familiarizing ourselves with the writing workshop and the writing process.  Writers have also been learning how to use their writing journals, brainstorming topics they want to write about. Students are becoming familiar with pre-writing strategies, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing.  We frequently do peer response groups with our writing in second grade and we are working on getting comfortable with sharing our opinions and suggestions with our classmates.

The genre of this unit is Narratives while we write about our summer holidays.  Students learned that a narrative tells about something that happened to them or someone they know in the past.  We did not introduce a writing trait with this unit as it primarily focused on the writing process.  Next, students will do a second narrative; however, it will be much more independent as they write about a “first time experience”.  As part of the assessment process, students will continue to use rubrics and checklists to reflect on their own writing.

Homelink 3

Written by Julie Rainer. Posted in 2nd Grade

Dear Parents,

This week we’re thinking about

How does a digit’s position affect its value?

Understanding place value can lead to number sense and efficient strategies for computing with numbers.  In class, we’ve been using Base Ten Blocks to help us with this concept.  As your child works on each activity this week, don’t forget the most important practice is explaining!

Get ready to explain your thinking and your math strategies!


Look for this week’s Homelink in your child’s

homework folder.  Don’t forget to cut and glue each

day’s activity!



Online resources:

Tuesday:  Base Ten Block Game

Wednesday:  Base Ten Block Game/Partitioning 

Friday:  Place Value:  Show Expanded Numbers

Saturday:  Representing Numbers in Four Ways

Deep, Down Inside, We All Love Math!

Written by Julie Rainer. Posted in 2nd Grade

We began the school year with a short Graphing unit that helped us get to know our classmates better by finding out ¨What Makes Us Interesting¨  During this unit students were able to analyze the data they collected and make conclusions.  We also touched on probability by making predictions based on our conclusions.

Over the past week we have been focusing on building our Number Sense.  We have used different tools to help us find patterns in numbers, skip count, compare two numbers, and put numbers in order. Key vocabulary includes greater than, less than, between, after, before, equal to, even and odd numbers.  Our next unit in math will be Place Value.