Jolly Grammar “ng”

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The cold has arrived to BFIS….


While trying to keep warm, we have been learning about the sound “ng.”

We learnt that “ng” can take many forms and is used as an ending to many words.


Here is a short clip from the cartoon Alphablocks for some examples.

We also continued to work on the letter formation of capital letters.


Finally here is our spelling list from this week.


Winter Concert Update for First Grade

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Winter Concert Lyrics and Information for First Grade

Attire: Black Pants or Skirt and GREEN top.

First Grade Theme: Winter Rhythms and Kwanzaa

winter concert poster copy

First Graders are singing two songs that link to their study of rhythm this past quarter.  The first song is the energetic Rhythm of the Season!

Click the Picture to find a link to a video of the song!

Click the Picture to find a link to a video of the song!



Our Second song is entitled Kwanzaa Time.  In learning the song, we discussed the traditions of Kwanzaa!

Kwanzaa Time

Winter Concert Update!

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Dear BFIS Families and Friends, 

The children have been busy preparing a wonderful winter performance for family and friends.  This year, each grade level will be focusing on different traditions or musical genres popular in the winter season.  Please try to assure your child´s attendance for the concert, as all students work together to create their performances, remember performance is a team activity!! The details of the winter concert are:

winter concert poster copy Thanks and we look forward to seeing you there! Please email me with any questions or concerns, or if your child will be unable to make the performance! I´m always happy to help!

Ms. Heather Gilles, General Music BFIS ES

Details for Families!

Attire:  All Students: BOTTOM: Black Pants or Skirt   SHOES: Black Dress Shoes (parents, please no tennis shoes or heels as they aren´t safe for dancing!)

  • Kindergarten Theme (Jingle):  Please wear a yellow top
  • First Grade Theme (Kwanzaa traditions):  Green Top
  • Second Grade Theme (Mexican Christmas traditions): White Top
  • Third Grade  Theme (Hanukkah traditions): Blue Top
  • Fourth Grade Theme (Swinging Wintertime): White or Silver Top with Hat and Scarf (any colours…make it fun!!!)
  • Fifth Grade Theme (Winter Comforts!): Cute/Silly Winter Sweater and Plastic Mug with Handle. (5th Grade Parents bring in extra plastic mugs if you have them, as they can be hard to find!!)

Students in 5th grade have been rehearsing diligently for their upcoming concert, and even played a part in deciding their attire for the concert.  Students in 5th grade will need a plastic mug (like a coffee cup) and either a plain sweat in any colour OR an FUN WINTER SWEATER (see examples below) .  

Ugly Winter Sweaters Examples

         Explanation:  Students can design their own ‘silly winter sweater’ using fabric or foam cut outs, or perhaps they already have one hanging in a closet!  This is a great chance for them to be creative and have fun!  Here are some examples of  ¡¡¡winter sweaters’!

Looking forward to a wonderful concert!! -Ms. G!



Jolly Grammar- “th” sound and correcting sentences

Written by Laura Avendaño. Posted in 1st Grade

This week during our Jolly Grammar sentences we have been concentrating on sounds with contain the sound “th.”

Here are some words we came up with along with many others:


Also this week we have been working on finding mistakes in sentences and correcting them.

The mistakes included: adding a capital letter at the start of a sentence, in a name or when using the word I. Adding a period/full stop at the end of a sentence and adding missing words.


Here are some games which your child might enjoy playing with!

Finally, here is the spelling list we have been working on this week


Friendship and Fostering Our Community Values

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Today, students from the 8th grade Wellness class came to teach our elementary students about friendship and bullying. The students created their own projects and presentations and did a fantastic job of reinforcing some of the main ideas and important concepts that we have been working with this year. Thank you to Ms. Kleijn and to all of the students who participated!

IMG_1071 IMG_1074 IMG_1081 IMG_1077IMG_1078