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Written by Laura Avendaño. Posted in 1st Grade

What is a Noun?  What is a Verb?

Dear parents,

Students have been learning about nouns and verbs! We have gone on a
Noun Hunt 
around the classroom and playground recording if the noun
a person, place or thing. We 
have searched through magazines, cutting
and gluing to make wonderful collages that are hanging on our classroom walls.

Verbs have been just as fun! We have played charades with different
action verbs and have 
become Verb Detectives spying on our friends and teachers to catch any action they may be doing…sitting, thinking, writing, reading, chatting, etc. 

In the weeks to come, we will learn how we can join nouns and verbs to
make sentences. 











Written by KatiaF. Posted in 1st Grade

In October we went deeper into addition… We learned how to add  3 digits by putting the biggest number first in our heads, we learned what the commutative property is and finally the students practiced vertical addition! They worked really hard and you can see their work in the hallway 🙂

0-2     0-1


Written by KyleS. Posted in 1st Grade

We celebrated Halloween BIG this year.  First grade had a fun, interactive party in the classroom.  We played spooky bingo, made 
a spider lollipop, decorated cookies, carved a jack-o-lantern, put 
our hands into creepy noodles for prizes and played a bean bag toss game with a scary skeleton and a freaky Frankenstein. To top it off 
we ate lots of sweets and goodies!  Then we were off to the 
elementary Halloween parade.  Thanks to all the parent  volunteers
and all the goodies sent in!