BISA – PING PONG Tournament

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The Swiss School of Barcelona hosted the 1st  BISA Ping Pong Tournament. Four International Schools participated demonstrating great talent. Students from 5th to 8th grade competed and played against other international students.

I would like to point point out two aspects from this competition, first, the great planning and organization by the ESB (Swiss School of Barcelona), and second the Great Sportsmanship that all players displayed during the whole competition.

Our BFIS players made a great tournament and Marcos López from 7th grade was finally the winner in his category.

Congratulations to all of you for your effort and fair play!!


Niccolo de Zan-Zak
Leonardo Betancourt
Marcos Lopez
Nobuki Tanaka
Ausias Obradors


SEK Catalunya   


bisa ping pong 7 bisa ping pong 6 bisa ping pong 5 bisa ping pong 4 bisa ping pong 3 Bisa ping pong 2Bisa Ping pong

Nursery explores balance on balls

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Nursery and Pre-K are exploring with balls that have different characteristics, for example size, texture, hardness, bounce, etc. We learn many gross-motor manipulative skills with them and we also use them to improve our balance like you can see in these pictures.

Nursery 1 Nursery2 Nursery 3

Gymnastics in Elementary

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We have been working on our gymnastic skills. January and February have been partially dedicated to our Gymnastics Unit. Front rolls, Back rolls, Hand stands, Head stands, Balances, Cartwheels, etc, have been the main elements of these lessons. Certainly, we have improved on Mobility, Flexibility, Strength and Coordination. Although we cannot say that it has been a cold winter, we have enjoyed spending some quite time indoors at the Auditorium.


gymnastics gymnastics2

TCHOUKBALL, What is it?

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Image result for tchoukball        Image result for tchoukball

Last Friday 4th grade went on a Field Trip to learn about a sport created in Switzerland about 40 years ago.

The sport is usually played on an indoor court measuring 27 metres by 16 metres. At each end there is a ‘frame’ (a device similar to a trampoline off which the ball bounces) which measures one square metre and a semicircular D-shaped forbidden zone measuring three metres in radius. Each team can score on both ends on the field, and comprises twelve players, of which seven may be on the court at any one time. In order to score a point, the ball must be thrown by an attacking player, hit the frame and bounce outside the ‘D’ without being caught by the defending team. Physical contact is prohibited, and defenders may not attempt to intercept the attacking team’s passes. Players may take three steps with the ball, hold the ball for a maximum of three seconds, and teams may not pass the ball more than three times before shooting at the frame.

Tchoukball has some elements that remind us Handball and Volleyball and is a very dynamic and fast sport.

Tchouk tchouk1 tchouk2


Hockey Unit

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In Elementary we have been learning about hockey. Within all the Hockey  variations we have chosen the ones that better adapt to our facilities and group ages. We have played with Puck and with wiffle ball and have enjoyed competing and playing matches. Here are some pictures!!


hock1 hock4 hockey 2 hockey





PING PONG Workshop

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5th Grade went on a PE Field trip to Pavellón Municipal La Mar Bella, last Tuesday, November 24th. Two instructors from El Consell Escolar tought as the basic concents of Ping Pong and then we had a great facility to practice everything we learned.

ping pong 4   ping pong1ping pong3