Winter Concert Update for First Grade

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Winter Concert Lyrics and Information for First Grade

Attire: Black Pants or Skirt and GREEN top.

First Grade Theme: Winter Rhythms and Kwanzaa

winter concert poster copy

First Graders are singing two songs that link to their study of rhythm this past quarter.  The first song is the energetic Rhythm of the Season!

Click the Picture to find a link to a video of the song!

Click the Picture to find a link to a video of the song!



Our Second song is entitled Kwanzaa Time.  In learning the song, we discussed the traditions of Kwanzaa!

Kwanzaa Time

Winter Concert Update!

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Dear BFIS Families and Friends, 

The children have been busy preparing a wonderful winter performance for family and friends.  This year, each grade level will be focusing on different traditions or musical genres popular in the winter season.  Please try to assure your child´s attendance for the concert, as all students work together to create their performances, remember performance is a team activity!! The details of the winter concert are:

winter concert poster copy Thanks and we look forward to seeing you there! Please email me with any questions or concerns, or if your child will be unable to make the performance! I´m always happy to help!

Ms. Heather Gilles, General Music BFIS ES

Details for Families!

Attire:  All Students: BOTTOM: Black Pants or Skirt   SHOES: Black Dress Shoes (parents, please no tennis shoes or heels as they aren´t safe for dancing!)

  • Kindergarten Theme (Jingle):  Please wear a yellow top
  • First Grade Theme (Kwanzaa traditions):  Green Top
  • Second Grade Theme (Mexican Christmas traditions): White Top
  • Third Grade  Theme (Hanukkah traditions): Blue Top
  • Fourth Grade Theme (Swinging Wintertime): White or Silver Top with Hat and Scarf (any colours…make it fun!!!)
  • Fifth Grade Theme (Winter Comforts!): Cute/Silly Winter Sweater and Plastic Mug with Handle. (5th Grade Parents bring in extra plastic mugs if you have them, as they can be hard to find!!)

Students in 5th grade have been rehearsing diligently for their upcoming concert, and even played a part in deciding their attire for the concert.  Students in 5th grade will need a plastic mug (like a coffee cup) and either a plain sweat in any colour OR an FUN WINTER SWEATER (see examples below) .  

Ugly Winter Sweaters Examples

         Explanation:  Students can design their own ‘silly winter sweater’ using fabric or foam cut outs, or perhaps they already have one hanging in a closet!  This is a great chance for them to be creative and have fun!  Here are some examples of  ¡¡¡winter sweaters’!

Looking forward to a wonderful concert!! -Ms. G!



November 25-27 Weekend Music Experiences for Families!

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Hello BFIS Music Families and Friends!  

Barcelona is a great city for the arts, I´d like to start sharing musical opportunities for families to take enjoy on the weekends!

If YOU know of a family friendly concert, or musical event in BCN, email the link to

This Weekend´s Recommendations:

Quotidáfons Bufats at Museo de la Musica, Saturday November 26, 12:00

and Palau de la Musica Open House Sunday November 27, 10-15.




Everyday instruments

Learn how to make instruments out of everyday objects! How cool is that?  Guided by Xavi Lozano, children and families will get to see instruments created from everyday object side by side with Instruments from the Muse de Musica!  Great connections to science, engineering and the arts!  If you can´t make this weekend, check out other dates this event is offered. Click the picture to for information and to order tickets!

November 26


Sunday´s Pick Open House at the Palau de la Musica

Whether you´re an art or music lover, the Palau de la Musica is truly a treasure of Barcelona.  

There will be special performances during the day (click the link for details) by the Choral School. It promises to be an exciting and musical day!

Open Day Palau


1st Music in September

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The first graders have made a great transition from Kinder to 1st grade music. It is really wonderful to see them all again and be making music with them.

The songs and activities in our lessons have centered around reviewing concepts that were labeled in Kindergarten. We have especially focused on the last term we learned last year – the “steady beat”. Throughout kindergarten, we did activities in which the students were being prepared to understand the steady beat, but it was not until the end of the year that the term was presented. Now we are doing a variety of chants and songs that the students already knew last year, but now able to find and label the steady beat within them with movement, sight, and even following on a beat chart. It is so cool to see their minds grasping the idea, and to see each student developing an internal sense of steady beat.

We are also reviewing the repertoire of songs that were established in Kindergarten, as well as expanding it, currently learning songs that are preparing them for the first two pitches they will learn this year. Here is a visual of one chant that we have used in a variety of ways to practice keeping the steady beat.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 14.06.58

I know we will have a great year together again as we continue to sharpen the concepts learned in Kinder and then push on towards new material!

Specialists’ Presentation from Back to School Night

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Thank You NoteThank you so much to all the parents who attend our Back to School Night yesterday evening.  We really appreciated the turnout from so many families and are truly grateful to part of a community that deeply values the importance of an outstanding education.

As promised, here is a links to specialists’ presentation.  We hope the parents who were not able to attend will take the time to read through the information.

Specialists Presentation

Throughout the year, we will be updating the blog with information about the different concepts and topics that students are exploring. Our teachers will be using the blog as the primary platform for communicating with parents and we will continue to encourage families to visit the site regularly.

Many thanks again for all the support!

Music Room Tour

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Welcome back to school! And welcome to the music room!

This year is off to a great start for each class. It is so fun for me to see the students returning, and how they really grew in the last year of music.  I love that I get to work with the same kids year after year, because I am able to witness so much growth. I see them retaining information and being able to pick up right where we left off!

For those of you who did not make it to back to school night, and have not made it down to the music room yet this year, I wanted to give you a virtual tour of our room this year. So now you will be able to envision where your child is spending their music class each week. Please don’t hesitate to stop by! Here’s to a great year!




IMG_7482   IMG_7488