In the past…

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In SAL 4th and 5th Grade we are learning the past tenses in Spanish!

First, we compared objects that we use now and how they were in past.For example, mobile phones:




Now, we are creating a folder with regular and irregular verbs and also we are having fun by playing the game LA OCA because they are  using the new verbs and the new tenses!


Interactive Museum: Our Heroes

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Last Friday was a really special day for our 4th and 5th grade SAL students: their interactive museum about personal super heroes was inaugurated! After all the hard work they have put into this project, they were really happy to present it to their classroom peers and families. They have completed a long process before this special opening. First, they have chosen someone, who they admired  or was meaningful in their lives. Then they have started writing about these characters explaining about their physical appearance, their lives, their personalities … After having written this text, they have practiced their oral skills in front of the class. Since the final objective of the project was to create an interactive museum, we have recorded their presentations and have designed a portrait about their heroes. Once that has been done, they have created a logo that, with the aid of an app called ” Aurasma “, would trigger the video they have linked to the portrait.

They were really excited to present their museum to our visitors, thank you so much for coming!

Augmented reality in Spanish classes!

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SAL students have been elaborating their master pieces for their own museum!

We have been working on the parts of the body and physical descriptions by learning some vocabulary and grammar structures we have to use when doing so. For this project, we have been using augmented reality by using an application called “Aurasma”. To elaborate our project, we have picked a person we consider to be our hero and we have written about him in terms of physical appearance. We have also make a portrait of that person and proved that we are truly artists! Finally, we have record ourselves talking about that person and created our own logo so that when we place an iPad in front of it, you can see the recording.

We are very excited to share the result with all of you so be aware for news coming your way related to the museum “opening”!

On the following weeks, we will be working on irregular and reflexive verbs, we will go through the use of imperative and will also learn about the use of pronouns in Spanish. In terms of vocabulary, we will talk about clothes, the parts of a house and habits.


Language Acquisition at BFIS

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Last Friday we had the opportunity to present our latest parent info session on the topic of language acquisition. We would like to thank all the families who were able to attend and we hope this presentation helped you to understand how we acquire a foreign language. For individuals who were unable to attend, we have included a link to the presentation slides.  Feel free to use the links, books and resources you will find at the end of the presentation as a reference. Additionally, we have also embedded a video in this post that was created by a fellow international school.  The video highlights the importance of supporting the continued development of the “mother tongue” for students who attend international schools where the primary language of instruction is not their first language.

As always, our goal at BFIS is to honor the unique qualities of every child and implement research-based instructional strategies to maximize every student’s potential.  We hope you will find this information helpful and we look forward to continuing to support your children in their language journey!

Language Acquisition at BFIS Presentation Slides

¿ Te gustaría ir al cine ?

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With the  SAL 4-5 intermediate students we are studying a unit called “Vamos a salir”: Ready to Go Out.

In this unit, we are talking about different places in town, different plans or activities, and knowing how to invite someone to one of these. Also, they will be able to express their opinions: whether they like or dislike any of these such plans and how to excuse yourself politely from an invitation.

They have to study the present tense as well as the near future one. This will allow them to understand better the different usages.

Furthermore, the students participate in an unscripted dialogue and work on sounding authentic by trying to imitate some voices in Spanish.

In writing, they are extending sentences using connectives, negatives and sequencing words… At the end of the unit they will attempt (and surely succeed) to write an extended text in Spanish.

In regards to reading, we are using strategies to work out new words and developing listening skills. Constantly, we are reviewing progress checking work using “mini tests”.


Field Trip to Palau Güell

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Last week, our 4th and 5th graders SAL students visited Palau Güell, where the Güell family lived until 1936. This modernist building was one of the first important commissions Antoni Gaudí received at the start of his career. Eusebi Güell (industrialist, politician and patron of the arts) wanted Gaudí to build him this peculiar urban palace as an extension of the family home on La Rambla.

First, we took a guided tour to discover all the different rooms and nooks of the palace. While we were visiting the building, we took a moment to observe all the stained glass windows. We were amazed at the stunning architecture and the original chimneys on the roof terrace!


Afterwards, we attended a workshop to make craft stained glass windows that we have previously observed.

Take a look at our amazing work!

palau workshop

We continued our field trip by strolling in La Rambla looking at some other iconic masterpieces from Modernism such as the Liceu Opera House, the street lights in Plaça Reial… We finished the day at the Boqueria Market, where we saw the different stands and got to practice our Spanish in context.