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In Advanced SAL class for Kindergarten and 1st Grade we have learned how to set the table and how to talk about food. We have been able to express what we like and what we don’t. To wrap things up, we have closed the unit singing a song about the kitchen utensils.

Here is the video of the students dancing and chanting. I encourage everyone to join them.



We Set The Table

Written by Maria Angeles Salvat. Posted in 1st Grade SAL, Kindergarten SAL

In SAL class we are studying a unit about food. The students are talking about the different types of foods and drinks that they enjoy the most.

We are also talking about what they eat every day of the week and they are learning to put the table. They have made a poster with all the utensils needed to set the table.

On a grammatical level, we have introduced the singular and plural forms of nouns and the definite article.



Clothing and body parts in Sal Kinder/1st grade

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Every day our students start class singing the song of the days of the week. They learned it before winter break and they love it! Over the last weeks we have been learning vocabulary about clothing and body parts, and this coming week we are going to learn a new song about this. We have been talking about winter, practicing the words that we already knew about this season and also they have been explaining things that they like about this time: snow, ski, vacation…


We are also working on the alphabet, associating the letters with their sound and we practice the writing of some words.

Here you have a link from an amazing website if you want your children to practice Spanish through games, songs and flashcards. Enjoy it!