4/5th Cubist Style Slab Portraits

Written by Tiffany Emerick. Posted in 4th Grade Art, 5th Grade Art, ES Art

In 4th and 5th grades, students studied Cubism, looking at the works of Georges Baraque, Paul Cezanne and Pablo Picasso.  Cubism was an early 20th-century style art movement, in which multiple perspectives are shown at once and objects are broken up and reassembled in a recognizable but abstracted collage of simple geometric shapes, creating a limited sense of depth.  In the past, we’ve studied Cubism as part of a painting unit.  This year I thought we’d try something different, and made our Cubist style portraits out of clay.  They came out great!


Annual Bookmark Competition

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Each year David Cevoli and I collaborate on a bookmark competition, funded by the PTA. Students from ES, MS, HS and staff have an opportunity to design a bookmark that will be printed and distributed around campus. Entries are due Monday, December 14th and winners will be announced at the ES Winter concert on Friday the 18th. Entries may be turned in to David or I at any time. Check out the winning designs from last year!