Specialists’ Presentation from Back to School Night

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Thank You NoteThank you so much to all the parents who attend our Back to School Night yesterday evening.  We really appreciated the turnout from so many families and are truly grateful to part of a community that deeply values the importance of an outstanding education.

As promised, here is a links to specialists’ presentation.  We hope the parents who were not able to attend will take the time to read through the information.

Specialists Presentation

Throughout the year, we will be updating the blog with information about the different concepts and topics that students are exploring. Our teachers will be using the blog as the primary platform for communicating with parents and we will continue to encourage families to visit the site regularly.

Many thanks again for all the support!

Workshop with Hanoch Piven

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Artist Hanoch Piven presented his work for students in grades K-5 and did a hands on workshop with students in 3-5 in where students created playful assemblage style portraits with recyclables such as bottle tops, screws and nails, stickers, pins, old small toys and figurines, combs, hairpins, feathers, old computer electronics, shells, puzzle pieces, etc.  Thanks, Hanoch, we had a blast!

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1st Grade Painted Collages

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Students in first grade have been learning about ground lines and perspective. They were read the book Sky Color by Peter Reynolds, a story about a girl who needed to paint a sky for the school mural, but couldn’t find any blue paint.  With the help of her art teacher and friends, she soon realizes that the sky is not always blue.  After the story, we created our own watercolor skies. The following class, we learned about Atmospheric Perspective, when things look smaller and less in focus the farther away they are from you.  We then designed different sized hot air balloons, cut them out, and glued them to our watercolor sky background.  Next we read stories by Eric Carle, and asked to pay close attention to the illustrations in the books. We then looked at different types of collages, and discussed how the illustrations in the books are collages of painted paper.  We then made our own painted collages. We began by planning in our sketchbooks, then painting paper and drawing different parts of our sketchbook drawings onto our different painted papers.  Finally, to complete our collage compositions, we cut the drawings out and glued them to a fresh white background.