4th Grade Woven Tapestries

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Ms. Meritxell’s 4th grade class has recently finished their weavings.  We only have enough looms for one class to weave at a time, so now Ms. Natasha’s class can begin theirs when we return from the break.  This project takes a lot of patience and perseverance as it can be slow going at the start, but everyone did great with powering through each class until the end.  We gained some perspective at the Miro museum where we saw a giant woven tapestry that was two stories tall.  The kids were in awe of how long it must have taken now that they’ve made their own.  Well done, 4th grade!

Kinder & 1st Grade Rothko’s

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Mark Rothko is a Russian-American Abstract Expressionist who is best known for his ‘color field’ paintings.  He felt that traditional methods of showing emotion in art were outdated, eventually settling on the idea that large, simple areas of color worked best.  His later works show only two, three or four rectangles lined up one on top of another vertically on a huge scale, choosing colors that conveyed his emotions and inviting the viewer to get lost in his paintings.

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4/5th Cubist Style Slab Portraits

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In 4th and 5th grades, students studied Cubism, looking at the works of Georges Baraque, Paul Cezanne and Pablo Picasso.  Cubism was an early 20th-century style art movement, in which multiple perspectives are shown at once and objects are broken up and reassembled in a recognizable but abstracted collage of simple geometric shapes, creating a limited sense of depth.  In the past, we’ve studied Cubism as part of a painting unit.  This year I thought we’d try something different, and made our Cubist style portraits out of clay.  They came out great!


5th Grade Filipine Parols

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Last week, Casa Asia joined us for a workshop where the 5th graders made traditional Filipine style Christmas lanterns to help decorate the set of the recent holiday music concert. The lanterns, called parol’s, are made of bamboo, strings, rubber bands and thin Japanese style oragami paper or cellophane.  They really made the auditorium look gorgeous!15631533_10211554910808944_1566908655_o 15673348_10211554911408959_1356971370_n 15502725_10211554911648965_2006073811_o

3rd Grade Trip to Parc Guell

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3rd Graders went on a field trip to Parc Güell last week and have been working hard to create their own mosaics using paper.  At the park, we learned about Antonio Gaudi’s life, the things that he was inspired by and the mosaics, park and buildings he created.  We did lots of sketching and talking about the things we saw and even got to see a 4D movie that made us feel like we were flying over Barcelona as it looked in the late 1800?s, the time when Gaudi was creating his masterpieces!



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