ES Parent Teacher Conferences

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Parent-Teacher conferences for parents of Elementary students from Nursery to 5th grade will take place on Friday, March 14th and Monday, March 17th.

will be using the same electronic self-appointment system that we have in past years to facilitate the scheduling process.

Conference Sign Up

If you have any questions about the sign up process, please feel free to contact Caroline Rockett (,) the administrative assistant of ES.

Please note:
Childcare is available for their kids for the duration of their conferences.  However, there is no school on the days of conferences.

Third Grade is Multiplying!

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We have entered the exciting world of multiplication in Math!  Students started by discussing what multiplication means and how they use it in their lives. We moved on to making the connection between the arrays they learned about in geometry and how those equal groups in an array relate to multiplication.  We are approaching multiplication conceptually by using models and pictures to help students gain a visual understanding before any sort of math fact practice is started.

Students are not encouraged to memorize the times tables at this stage, as it may interfere with the work we are doing in class. It is important that they practice their knowledge and deepen their understanding through meaningful tasks – but not through drills. Instead, we want to support our third graders with mastering the ideas behind multiplication and developing fluency in meaningful and engaging ways.

In this unit, we will be combining the teaching of multiplication and division. Scholars recommend that multiplication should be introduced alongside with division to help students see how the two are related.

These are different ways students are solving multiplication problems in class at the moment.

  • Manipulatives
  • Pictures
  • Arrays
  • Repeated addition


Samples of different arrays for factors of 12:

Third Grade Science Fair!

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We hope to see you next week on Tuesday afternoon for the Science Fair!  Please join us if you can as the students have been working very hard designing and conducting their experiments and preparing their results for you!  The Science Fair will be held Tuesday, March 4th at 3:00 in the third grade classrooms.  Hope to see you there!

Third Grade Persuaders!

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In Writing, we are continuing our work on Persuasive or Opinion writing.  Students have been gathering ideas (or seeds, as we call them) and we are getting ready to plant one!  We have been evaluating our ideas using a “Seed Tester” graphic organizer to make sure that it is not only a topic they care about, but that they can provide strong reasons for.  We will be entering the drafting phase next week.

Celebrating Individual and Linguistic Identity

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MT PhotoDid you know that nearly 6,000 languages are spoken in the world? February´s Social and Emotional Learning theme in the Elementary School is Celebrating Individual and Linguistic Identity, corresponding with UNESCO´s International Mother Language Day which is recognized each year on February 21st.  In addition to engaging in a variety of classroom activities designed around this theme, students in Elementary school will also have the opportunity to complete a special project during Semana Blanca with their families.  

To promote awareness and recognition of all of the diverse languages and cultures of our students, we are asking them to write about a celebration that is important in their family. A selection of graphic organizers for planning their writing, as well as a writing template, are attached to this blog post and will also be sent home with your child before Semana Blanca. Students will write about their special celebration in English and in their native language. All entries will be collected on Tuesday, February 25th. We will bind them into a special book which will be on display in the ES library.

If you’re looking for a little linguistic inspiration, check out this Disney adaptation of the song “Let it Go” from Frozen, in 25 different languages!

We are looking forward to learning all about your special celebrations!

Celebrating Individual and Linguistic Identity  Instructions Celebrations Graphic Organizer 1 Celebrations Graphic Organizer 2 Celebrations Graphic Organizer 3 Final Writing Template