An International Food Fair Captain Profile: Ludovica Laricchia Robbio (Maglione)

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Welcome to our second Parent Profile to announce the annual BFIS International Food Fair, our very own, cultural food-fest meant to showcase all the wonderful cultural diversity here at BFIS!

In keeping with our desire to celebrate those parents who give unfailingly and unselfishly to the BFIS community, we are profiling some of the wonderful BFIS parents who make IFF the amazing event that it is! Without their generosity, time, energy, and creativity, the IFF would not be possible.

Our second parent profile is an interview with Ludovica Laricchia Robbio (Maglione), this year´s Country Captain for the Italian table. Ludovica is the busy mother of two children who go to BFIS, one in Nursery and one in Kindergarten (Ignazio and Gregorio). This is her third year involved with the International Food Fair. The first year, Ludovica participated by cooking. As Ludovica said, “the second year, I knew I had to do more, so I lead!”

We asked Ludovica what made her want to become more involved. She told us that it was all about “this energy, this committment I see in the eyes of the people, the women! It´s this happiness! I am a positive thinker and I value generosity, so I get inspired by the BFIS community to give further. You know with all the bad things that are happening around us, this is just a place of cooperation, support and engagement. I want to be a part of that!”

We also asked Ludovica what things inspired her when it comes time to plan and decorate the Italian table. She said that she would have the Italian flag, of course, with matching flowers and veggies: green, white and red, and pasta of various shapes and sizes to showcase. And then there will be mozzarella cheese, a must for any celebration of all that is Italian!

Ludovica also told us that this year she asked some public Italian Institutions in Spain and Italy to provide publicity, flyers and brochures about some of the most beautiful places to visit in Italy. “You know, the Turkish table had flyers last year and I thought, what a great and smart idea! So we´ll have flyers about Rome’s Colloseum, Pisa’s Leaning Tower, the Gulf of Naples and lots of other wonderful corners of my country, as well as a list of very, very exclusive travel agents I know who can introduce select clients to the most private Palazzi in Italy!”

In terms of food, “there will be a hot, oven-prepared, pasta dish, and parmessan cheese among other Italian surprises! Truly worth trying!”

Last year, 5 parents worked hard to prepare and showcase Italy. Ludovica said that this year, there will only be three, but she was just as excited to be a part of the fest and suggested that if any BFIS parent wanted to help with the Italian table and/or prepare some food, she would love for them to contact her through the PTA, and/or the Nursery and Kindergarten room parent.

We asked Ludovica if she had any advice for parents who might like to participate. This is what she told us:

  1. ” Just do it! Set up your national table and sink your taste buds into a delirium of flavors!!! Or if you´re not involved with a table, you can be of tremendous help at any table: with their setting up, their serving shifts, their cleaning, and socializing with the visitors!
  2. Support your kids by inviting people from Barcelona because it’s our PTA’s ONLY fund raiser!! Those lovely pancakes on Pancake Day, that amazing drum show at Carnival, the Holiday Concert, all these wonderful things for our children and parent community! The money to fund those great events come from from this one event, ONLY! So please purchase tickets, tickets, and more tickets!! It all goes to a great cause!
  3. Come and enjoy the amazing food and our childrens´ special performances! They put their hearts and souls into it!”

I think there´s no better way to end this interview then with Ludovica´s words, “You know my kids love IFF. It´s a great family affair!”

Thanks Ludovica!

If you would like to get involved with this year´s International Food Fest, just click on the link under VOLUNTEERS WANTED, in the upper left hand column of this post! See you there!


BFIS Parent Profiles & International Food Fest!

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AnuradhaOn Friday, May 18th , The PTA will once again be hosting the annual BFIS International Food Fair, our cultural food-fest meant to showcase all the wonderful cultural diversity here at BFIS! To lead up to the event, we thought you might like to meet some of the interesting BFIS parents who will be volunteering as this-year´s Country Table Co-ordinators!

Our first parent profile is an interview with Anuradha M. Ghemawat, this year´s Table Co-ordinator for the India-Pakistan Table. Anuradha´s experience with the IFF goes back to 2001 when she first participated in the Fair. Since then, she has been the Co-ordinator of the IFF for the last five years, so she is undeniably one of the best people at BFIS to tell us what´s involved.

We asked Anuradha what she liked best about the International Food Fair and she told us that that there were three things that were very significant for her: first, the cultural diversity, secondly, the cameraderie between the parents as they work together and get to know each other better and finally, the exposure to the different cuisines, national dresses and customs of the countries represented at the food fair and comprising our family community at BFIS.

She explained that the role of Country Table Co-ordinator was for anyone who is good at organizing and/or wants to get involved in showcasing their country of origin and bringing together families at BFIS.

In her words, “if you´re good at and like organizing who will bring the veggies, who will bring the entrees, and who will bring the deserts and you don´t mind asking around to see who has a flag or some special decorations, or typical clothes, then this job is for you!”

Anuradha offered 5 valuable suggestions:

  1. Take the initiative! If you have a desire to present your country through it´s typical food and customs, then get involved!
  2. Contact your room parent and they will let the word out  that you would like to either be a Table Co-ordinator and/or work with other families  in your child´s class who would like to set up a table.
  3. Contact the PTA and let them know which table you would like to set up. They will put you in touch with other families  in other grades at BFIS and give you a list of table items  and supplies you can check off and indicate what you need. Things like the table, serviettes, plates, plastic glasses, forks etc., are all happily provided by the PTA.
  4. Think about finger food! Plates, forks and serviettes will all be available and provided by the PTA, but if you can bring finger food, consider it a good idea as they are just so easy to munch on and move about with.
  5. Remember that you are cooking for about 10 – 15 people. You don´t have to bring food for a hundred people! But, usually about 350- 400 people attend the IFF so you do want a fair number of people at your table who can each bring one or two different plates.

We ended our interview with Anuradha by talking about the more than twenty different nationalities and food tables that are usually set up at the BFIS International Food Fair and how just plain delicious it is to explore, taste and enjoy the fine food, company, and wonderful student-performed, entertainment!

Thanks Anuradha! 🙂

If you would like to get involved with this year´s International Food Fest, send us an email!

Pancake Day is Almost Here! Volunteers still needed!

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In less than a week, the PTA will be hosting their annual PANCAKE DAY!!! ?

This means we will be serving homemade, freshly prepared pancakes, whipped cream and other toppings, sausages, bacon and much more to all of our students, teachers and staff at BFIS!

Many thanks to those of you who have already volunteered to prepare and bring the batter and work the shifts! It will be a great day!

We still need about 15 more Moms, Dads, friends and other willing volunteers to sign up for the serving shifts and two more people to prepare the batter.
Time is passing quickly!  Many of you have indicated your desire to help out. If you  haven´t already done so, now  is the time!  Your help will make this the greatest and most delicious Pancake Day ever!  Thanks and…

See you there! ?

Are you done with your holiday shopping?

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Are you done with your holiday shopping yet?  No? Well, the PTA has the PERFECT solution for you!

This Thursday, December 15th, is the BFIS Elementary Winter Concert–and this year, the doors open at 5:30 for our Holiday Bazaar.  We’ll be featuring some amazing vendors before and after the concert.

One of our own BFIS moms will be selling her adorable handmade soaps–perfect for stocking stuffers or a Secret Santa gift.

Do you love jewelry?  One of our friends is offering her funky jewelry, made from Nespresso caps–can you believe it?  We’re featuring some more traditional pieces in gold and silver, with precious stones as well.

Another vendor specializes in gorgeous handmade stockings–and still another has a line of kitchen apparel that is sure to be perfect for someone on your list.

Haven’t sent out your greeting cards yet?  Me neither–but luckily, one of our vendors will be selling amazing cards, inspired by the artwork and streetscapes of Barcelona.

Want to own a unique piece of Barcelona’s history?  One of our friends salvages antique Modernist tiles, then gives them new life as trivets, coasters, tables and consoles.

So, don’t forget to mark your calendar and grab your purse.  Come for the songs–but stay for the shopping.  See you at Clinica Planas!

The PTA is Giving Thanks!

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Nice Work, BFIS!  You really pulled together to throw an AMAZING Halloween Party!

Sure, the weather was tricky, but working with everyone was a real treat for the PTA.

Thank you to the wonderful volunteers who offered to help decorate–even when their times were changed, rescheduled and canceled.  Thank you to everyone who showed up to decorate–we couldn’t have hung all those cobwebs without you!

Thanks also to the amazing parents who volunteered to work at the event–selling food, selling tickets, running games, managing the bar and grill–we couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you to the Middle and High School students who gave up an evening to help make this night a success–our elementary kids had a blast playing games and getting scared in the Haunted House.  Even more recognition goes to the members of the High School Student Council–who planned costumes and learned lines weeks ahead of time.

Thank you to the teachers who trustingly gave us access to their classrooms–giving up an afternoon of their prep-time so we could set up for the party.  We hope we successfully removed the skeletons, spiders and candy from your floors!

Thanks especially to the art department–who created dozens of terrifying tombstones and some delightfully spooky murals.  More importantly, they cleared out their entire classroom a day ahead of time–so we could have the inside space to run nine carnival games!

Thank you to the administration for being flexible and agreeable as the weather turned threatening and annoying.  Developing Plan “I”  (Inside) took some creative thinking and sacrifice from everyone.

Thank you to the custodial staff, who worked side-by-side the PTA all Friday, solving last-minute logistical problems.

Thank you to the Technology Department, who moved computers out of classrooms and made sure that our spooky music was piped throughout the school.

Thank you to the security staff, who stood outside in the pouring rain making sure that we could park safely and enjoy a secure event.

Thank you to the cleaning staff, who worked diligently during the party–and who also spent six hours the next day cleaning floors, desks, walls, bathrooms and more.

Thanks to the parents, who moved through the evening with smiles on their faces, despite the weather, warmth and crowds.

Finally, thanks to the kids of BFIS, whose enjoyment of the party made it all worthwhile!