Thank you

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I heart BFIS
During the past ten years, many things have changed in the elementary school.  Although I am naturally biased, I am confident that the work accomplished by our faculty over this period of time leaves the school is in a much stronger place than when I arrived in 2006.

With that said, I am equally convinced that the best is yet to come.  For the first time, BFIS will have completed a building from the foundation up and the elementary school happens to be the lucky inhabitants.  Additionally, the introduction of new leaders at an important time will provide unique and fresh perspectives in helping guide our ongoing pursuit of the school mission.

I am very grateful for everything that BFIS has given to me over the last decade.  An invaluable professional experience.  Unforgettable relationships.  The opportunity to live in my favorite city.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, BFIS.



New Building Update

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IMG_7024We are thrilled to share that our new building construction project remains right on schedule.  In addition to the facades of the building, which are changing daily, there is an extensive amount of work being done on infrastructural elements, such as the preparation for cabling and ventilation.  It is really incredible to see the space take shape and all of the blueprints finally come to life.

This week we have started to have some members of the faculty and staff conduct site visits to examine the space.  While the vast majority of the design elements for the classrooms have been determined, we are now focusing our efforts on fine tuning the plans in situ to make sure the we create an ideal learning environment for students.  A skeletal classroom has been set up on the primera planta in order for us to visualize the exact placement of the door, size and placement of the hallway window, and select specific colors for items such as window frames and ceiling panels.

Now, more than ever, we have a true idea of what lies in store for 2016-2017.  We cannot wait for September when the building comes to life with the joy and excitement of children, parents, and faculty.

Laying the foundations

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Now that excavation works are finished, it is the time to lay the foundations of the new ES Building. During the following three weeks the construction company will work on pouring layers of concrete and building the pillars of the building.
As we are sure, you would have noticed the big tower crane that has been installed on campus. This crane will be used by construction crews to lift building materials only within the construction area.


2nd/3rd Overnight Trip Update

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We are excited to share that the students and teachers are having a great time on the trip!  The ride up to Castellar de n’Hug went smoothly and the everything has proceeded exactly as planned.

Yesterday’s weather was outstanding and despite a few clouds today, all of the activities have gone according to schedule.  Below is a small selection of photos taken over the past 24 hours.  We will compile all the photos taken during the trip and make them available to families after we return.



Latest update from Puigcerdà

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“Our fearless kids and chaperones made the journey to France yesterday. It was an outstanding test of perseverance and endurance as the hike covered approximately 12km.

Today, the weather is gorgeous in Puigcerdà and we are headed to La Molina. We’ll be outdoors all morning on a ropes course and zipline before enjoying a picnic lunch.

It has been an outstanding trip so far and we can’t wait to see all of you this afternoon!!”




Campus Cerdanya Overnight trip update

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photo 1 (1)

“We had an amazing first day here in Puigcerdà. The kids took part in our very own ‘juegos olympicos’  before showing their best  moves on the dance floor. We had tons of fun but were ready for bed to say the least!”

“The weather has been incredible with tons of sun and blue sky, which bodes well for tomorrow’s hike to France! We’ll be sure to send another update tomorrow so stay tuned.”


photo 3