Success at the BFIS St Jordi Book Fair

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Thank you so much to all the volunteers who helped to make our St. Jordi Used Book Sale the best ever! 

We raised an incredible





This would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of all the volunteers who donated books, helped to sort and box them, carry all those boxes to the fair and do an outstanding job of helping parents and students find just the right book. (Not to mention helping out with the tidy-up afterwards!)

It is a wonderful achievement and my gratitude goes out to all those who made it possible.  Your help and support is very much appreciated. 

All the money will now go to make our BFIS Libraries even better!

Thank you!

Miss Emma & Mr. Cevoli

Highlighting Collections in the Elementary School Library

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Horrible Histories by Terry Deary

This Week’s Collection: 

Horrible Histories by Terry Deary

Horrible Science by Nick Arnold

Horrible Geography by Anita Ganeri


It is now 20 years since the first Horrible Histories books – Awesome Egyptians and Terrible Tudors – were published.  Children have delighted in the grisly sensibility of Terry Deary and the cartoonist Martin Brown.  There are now more than 100 titles, which have sold 20 million copies (eight million of those in translation), to 31 countries.   

Horrible Histories – history with the nasty bits left in! The Histories series gives you some awful information about the past.   Want to know: Which king had the worst blackheads? Why some kings had to wear false beards? Why the peasants were revolting? Read on to find some foul facts about death and decay and revolting recipes.  History has never been so horrible! 

Horrible Science created by Nick Arnold and Horrible Geography created by Anita Ganeri are also incredibly popular and have opened up the world of natural and applied science to millions of children worldwide.

It is science with the squishy bits left in! If you think you can stomach the strange and weird side of science, then read on.  With fantastic fact files, quirky quizzes and crazy cartoons, the Horrible Series are books to sink your teeth into! Science, Geography and History have never been so horrible!

The Elementary Library has forty-one of the original Horrible series available.  Here is the link to the series.  When you have a moment, come and check out these amazingly popular books for yourself.

Happy Reading!

Miss Emma

BFIS Annual Bookmark Competition 2016

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The Annual Bookmark Competition has begun!
Design a beautiful or thought-provoking bookmark 
and you could see hundreds of copies of your artwork 
printed and distributed throughout the school. 
The designs must be original artwork, created by you.
To get some inspiration from last year’s winners, have a look at the attached PDF.
This year there will be:
-One winner from each grade level, K-5
-Two winners selected from the Middle School
-Two winners selected from the High School
-One winner from Teachers & Staff
Submission forms can be picked up in the Libraries or Art Rooms.
They are due to Mr. Cevoli, Mrs. Emma or Ms. Tiffany by
9am on Monday, December 12th. 
Winners will be announced at eth ES Winter Concert on 16th December
Digital submissions are also accepted via email.  They should be 20cm x 4.5cm.
Thanks and have a great day,
Mr. Cevoli, Mrs. Emma & Miss Tiffany

The Annual Bookmark Competition has begun!

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The Annual Bookmark Competition has begun! 

Design a beautiful or thought-provoking bookmark, & you could see
hundreds of copies of your artwork printed & distributed through the school.
There will be:
-one winner from each elementary grade level (K-5)
-one winner & one runner-up selected from the middle-high school, and
-one winner selected from the staff category.
Submission forms can be picked up in the Library or Art Rooms.
They are due to Mr. Cevoli, Miss Tiffany or Mr. Bitinas by Tuesday, December 9th
Winners will be announced at the ES Winter Concert on Friday, December 12th.
***Digital submissions are also accepted.
    They should be 20cm x 4.5cm.
    Send them to “” or “” by the above deadline.
Thanks and have a great week,
Mr. Cevoli & Miss Tiffany
Download the template: