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Time Lapse Video from the Past Week

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Even though we have been taking tons of snapshots and short video clips of the construction project, it is always difficult to capture the full scope of progress.  For that reason, I decided to attach an outdoor camera to the roof of the “main” building (which I have started to refer to as the Orwell building with faculty members) to create a time lapse video.  The end result is a compilation of photos taken every ten minutes and subsequently displayed in a video format of 30 individual frames per second.

Upon watching the video for the first time, I felt another surge of excitement knowing that we are less than a year away from welcoming our K-5th students into this brand new space.  This project is such a huge leap forward for us as a community and our facilities will provide an incredible setting for the classroom environments we strive to create.

I hope that all of you are enjoying La Mercè!

Morning view

Written by Lila Jorge. Posted in Campus Improvements, Elementary School, ES Building Progress, ES Principal




Despite the deluge of rain last week, progress on the building has continued to move forward as planned!

Here is a snapshot from the site at 9:00 am this morning.  In the photo you can see the foundation being laid step by step and the initial stages of the principle pillars of support.  It feels like every time we take our eyes of the project for a couple of hours, the builders have completed a step and moved onto the next.  







Laying the foundations

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Now that excavation works are finished, it is the time to lay the foundations of the new ES Building. During the following three weeks the construction company will work on pouring layers of concrete and building the pillars of the building.
As we are sure, you would have noticed the big tower crane that has been installed on campus. This crane will be used by construction crews to lift building materials only within the construction area.


Breaking Ground

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IMG-20150804-WA0000After almost two years of planning, and a nerve-racking July of unanticipated complications and delays, on August 3rd we broke ground on the new Elementary School Building!

This is an exciting time for BFIS as we move forward with construction of the first purpose-built, permanent building in the school’s history. The new building will house Kindergarten through 5th Grade on three floors, with dedicated EAL and Learning Support rooms on each level. It will also include an open reception area on the ground floor, a roof-top play space, and an unfinished basement that will be completed at a future time. Once finished, this new building will also free up space for Middle and High School classes and allow us to remove the temporary Math modules from the MS/HS campus.

For more details about the building project, please visit the FAQ and other resource pages by following the links to the right.

Many thanks to our Foundation Board members for their enormous efforts in making this project a reality, to our Facilities and Finance Committee members, and to all of you who have supported us in so many ways in our journey to get here!

Please check back here regularly for updates on the progress of the project.