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Supporting the transition of our newest community members

Written by Lila Jorge. Posted in Administration, Elementary School, ES Counselor, ES Principal

new life old lifeThis morning Ms. Maeyama and I had the pleasure of presenting to over a dozen families who are new to the BFIS community. The focus of the presentation was to share our experience witnessing hundreds of students transition into our community and also information related to the various phases of cultural adaptation.

As alway, our goal was to emphasize the importance of valuing each child’s unique transition journey and highlight the fact that many parents are also adjusting to a big life change.  There is no doubt that deciding to move to a new school, and possibly new country, is an incredible opportunity.  At the same time, change always comes in tandem with different challenges and our aim is to make sure that every family in the community feels supported along the way.

Below is a link to today’s presentation:

What to expect during an international school transition

Back to School Night Presentations

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Thank You Note

Thank you so much to all the parents who attend our Back to School Night yesterday evening.  We really appreciated the turnout from so many families and are truly grateful to part of a community that deeply values the importance of an outstanding education.

As promised, here are links to all of the presentations that took place yesterday evening.  We hope the parents who were not able to attend will take the time to read through the information.

Throughout the year, we will be updating the blog with information about the different concepts and topics that students are exploring.  Our teachers will be using the blog as the primary platform for communicating with parents and we will continue to encourage families to visit the site regularly.

Many thanks again for all the support!


Nursery Presentation

Pre-K Presentation

Kindergarten Presentation

1st Grade Presentation

2nd Grade Presentation

3rd Grade Presentation

4th Grade Presentation

5th Grade Presentation

Castellano/Catalan/Spanish as an Additional Language/Spanish-Catalan Studies (CSCS) Presentation

Specialists Presentation


Morning view

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Despite the deluge of rain last week, progress on the building has continued to move forward as planned!

Here is a snapshot from the site at 9:00 am this morning.  In the photo you can see the foundation being laid step by step and the initial stages of the principle pillars of support.  It feels like every time we take our eyes of the project for a couple of hours, the builders have completed a step and moved onto the next.  







Welcome Back!

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Welcome Back 2015-2016

Dear Elementary School Families,

It brings me great pleasure to welcome all of you to the 2015-2016 school year.  We are absolutely thrilled to maintain our position as one of the most culturally diverse communities in Barcelona and a place where students experience joy and success on a daily basis.

Over the past couple months we have been working extremely hard in preparation for the short and long term future.  We continue to have new families join our school, which in turn has left us at full capacity in terms of enrollment.  Additionally, we have recruited a handful of outstanding new faculty members, all of whom are very proud to join BFIS and prepared to support our Three C’s – Character, Curriculum, and Community.  Finally, it comes as no surprise that perhaps the most significant development is the ongoing construction of the new elementary school building.  While our faculty has always optimized the space on campus, there is no denying that the learning environment will be vastly improved by this undertaking.

As I start my tenth year as the Elementary School Principal, I can honestly say that I have never been more excited to be part of the community.  BFIS is truly a unique and inspiring place that offers learning experiences that transcend the typical school experience.  At all levels, thought provoking questions are asked, opinions and ideas are openly shared, and, most importantly, meaningful relationships are formed in a way that bring us closer to one another.

On behalf of the entire elementary school faculty, we hope that all of you have a wonderful start to the new year and greatly look forward to seeing you soon.

Most sincerely,



Together again!

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image 2At times it can be very difficult to compare one school year to the next.  Each one feels like a unique saga of achievement.  With that said, for some reason this year feels different to me.  Every day I peer out the window of my office to see huge progress on our campus construction project, which is the perfect backdrop in so many ways.  There is heavy lifting alongside subtle and precise motions.  There are teams of people at all hours talking, collaborating, and working together to achieve a goal.  Little by little, parts of the topography that seem completely amorphous suddenly begin to take shape.

image 1


The summer months on campus are always a bit odd.  Lots to accomplish, but a much of the work is done remotely as a faculty from different parts of the globe.  Fortunately, those days now seem like a distant memory and it is great to be together again as a full faculty.  In a few short days we have already been able to hit the ground running.  New staff were introduced to the community, summer stories were exchanged with lots of smiles, and teams of teachers have diligently prepared everything to have a great start to the year.  It is remarkable how quickly things come together when you have a group of individuals all committed to the same goal.

The countdown until students arrive is drawing to a close.  New Family Orientation is today the first bell rings next Tuesday.  Let the learning begin!