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8th to 9th Grade (MS to HS) Transitions Evening: May 15th 8PM

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Getting Ready For High School
Thursday, May 15th at 8:00 pm in the MSHS Library

An informational meeting for parents of 8th graders (transitioning into 9th grade next year).

The HS Counselor and representatives of different departments will give a short overview about “Getting Ready for High School” and give a brief timeline of things to expect in high school.

This high school overview will touch on curriculum expectations, planning for IB/explaining IB, career and college counseling services, and college preparatory exam info, etc.

Teachers and staff will be available for questions as well. Light refreshments will be served.

An agenda is 8th to 9th grade parent evening.

Contact Mr. Preston for more information.   RSVP – Information session.

Preston English 8 Instructions for Week Beginning April 7th thru Semana Santa

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1.  Be sure to use this guide to help you review for the final test on To Kill a Mockingbird to be held on Friday, April 11th.  Final Test Guide

2.  You will need to complete Editorial 6, “Who is the Mockingbird?”  Here is a planning guide to help you.  Editorial graphic organizer

3. You will need to complete Editorial 5 (IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE SO ALREADY), “Halloween Night” Editorial graphic organizer

4.  You will need to submit a complete booklet with ALL of your editorials, 1-6 by Thursday, April 24th.  The booklet should be bound, have CLEAN copies of all the editorials, and have a culturally appropriate title/cover page (the title of your newspaper?).  Ask Mr. Preston if you need more details, beyond what he gives you in class.

5. Remember that you should have turned in Spelling 21, Reading Check 27-31, and the TKAM project that were all due last week.  In order to receive some credit, these MUST be submitted by Friday, April 11th.

Math Magic Thursday April 3rd

Written by Nick Preston. Posted in Administration, MS Coordinator

Thursday, April 3rd, 3:00pm in the Auditorium
Math Magic Show for MS Students and Parents

Math Magic is a math show that Dr. Neagoy created by combining her passion for math and for the performing arts. Magic fascinates young and old alike. But behind all the conjuring, there are always logical explanations. Beyond the supernatural and the marvelous are hidden mathematical rules.

Explanations for both children and adults of spatial sense, calculation, geometry, arithmetic, algebra and even probability are presented through interactive fun and games.

You are invited to come with your child(ren):

MS/HS  Math Magic Registration