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The parts of the house

Written by Maria Guttierez. Posted in 2nd-3rd Grade Beginner SAL, ES CSCS, SAL

Our 2nd/3rd grade students are learning about parts of the house and some of the objects that you can find in it. Also, we are reviewing some verbs that we have learned before, such as “haber”, “tener” or “ser”. Students are practicing new vocabulary related to this unit, new adjectives to describe how their living-room looks like, their room, their kitchen… At the beginning of February, our students will present a project in class. For this project, they will make a model of one of the rooms in their house (a bathroom, a living-room, a kitchen or a bedroom). This project will require a cardboard base or other hard material (maybe a shoe box). To make the furniture (tables, chairs, sofa, bed, television) students may use plastic bottle caps, matchbooks, clay, etc. Any reusable material is good. It would be great if you can help them to find those materials.

Here you have some examples from last year. Thank you for your help!


Time to celebrate

Written by Maria Guttierez. Posted in ES CSCS, Spanish-Catalan Studies

In our community, we have different cultures and it’s time to share how we celebrate them. During the past days, our students have been learning about winter celebrations around the world. In Catalunya, we celebrate “el Tió de Nadal”, a log that give us presents if we give some food to eat. Next week, we are going to listen to the song that we have to sing to this log if we want to have presents and we will learn about typical food that we eat during these days: turrones, polvorones, neulas… Also, we will work on some handmade decorations for our class. Finally, we will learn how to say “Happy Holidays” in different languages. We hope you enjoy your Winter Break!

caga tió dulces-navideños-1-z

Diving into Spanish

Written by Maria Guttierez. Posted in 2nd-3rd Grade Beginner SAL, ES CSCS, SAL

We started the year learning the SER song and explaining all about the students: age, nationality, things that they like to do… Also, we have been talking about the members of our family. Through different games, we were working on animals: how they look like, where they live, what they like to eat.. We started to write simple sentences a few days ago and our 2nd and 3rd grade students did their best. They were very excited sharing their ideas about their favourite animal!

Foto 1 Foto 2

What do we know about Fall?

Written by Maria Guttierez. Posted in ES CSCS, Kindergarten SAL, SAL

Our SAL students have started the year learning different songs about some topics that we repeat every day. Our routine starts doing the calendar, speaking about the weather and singing the days of the week. After that, we read a story related to the topics that we are going to work on during our class.

During last weeks, we have introduced vocabulary related to Fall, practicing it with a song. Students are developing their oral skills and they share their ideas in the class. We are talking about typical food that we eat during this time and the clothes that we use in this season.

palabras deotoño

¿What are you wearing?

Written by Maria Guttierez. Posted in 2nd-3rd Grade Beginner SAL, ES CSCS, SAL

At this time of the year, we have gone through the last topic we will be working on during this school year: clothes.

cinturón pantalones cortos vestido

We have been learned new vocabulary and have reviewed some other that we already knew. During this unit we have been introduced to some verbs:  LLEVAR (to wear) and TENER (to have), which are very helpful when we are describing what we wear and, as well, we have learned some new grammar                                             structures.

During the following weeks, students will go through the contents they have been working on during the year in order to make sure they have understood them in a meaningful way and to give them the space to solve any doubts they might have related to them.

¡El verano ya está aquí! // Summer is already here!

Written by Maria Guttierez. Posted in 1st Grade SAL, Kindergarten SAL, SAL

SAL students in K/1st grade, are studying vocabulary related to el verano (Summer) so they can be ready to speak in Spanish during their holidays!

They are learning specific vocabulary such as: colchoneta, gafas de sol, crema solar, toalla, playa, ola, tabla de surd, cubo, pala, etc.

colchoneta helado

As well as some new structures: En verano yo… (In the Summer time I…) that are helping us when speaking in Spanish.

During the following three weeks we are going to review all of the contents we have been working on during the year.

We’ll keep you updated!