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Indoor Gross Motor: Yoga and Dance

Written by Jessica Buescher. Posted in PreK

During our morning gross motor period, we are actively engaging our bodies through yoga and dance. Yoga and dance both enhance flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. Both help improve concentration, instill a sense of calm, and create a deeper connection to one’s inner-self and the world around them. We also are practicing other deep breathing techniques to help with self regulation in order to them to be mindful of how they are feeling.  It is even scientifically proven to enhance and increase neural connections in the areas of the brain responsible for memory and learning. Look at how much fun we are having!





Field Trip to Catalunya en Miniatura

Written by Jessica Buescher. Posted in PreK

In order to celebrate our Buildings and Transportation Unit, our Pre-K classes took an excursion to Catalunya en Miniatura. While there we were able to make connections to prior learning about how buildings are made from many different materials and compare sizes and shapes in buildings, as well as recognize familiar buildings like an airport or Tibidabo. We also saw many types of transportation vehicles that we use to get from place to place, such as an airplane or a train. After exploring the miniatura, we had an adventure climbing on a ropes course!



Circus Visit!

Written by Jessica Buescher. Posted in PreK

Our Pre-K students thoroughly enjoyed the closure of our Exercise Unit by having the Circus come visit EC. We learned how to juggle and walk on stilts, played parachute games, did an obstacle course, and much more! Here are some photos of our students “in action”.

circus1      circus2 circus3      circus4



New Study on Exercise and All about my Body!

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Our Pre-K students were so excited to get to help out with a planting initiative with MS/HS Science teacher, Matt Monaghan. His students developed and created their own hanging wall garden for science experiments and projects. We were so grateful to get to be apart of their project by planting some seeds of our very own.  Also, the sunflowers in our garden have finally opened, and our students are all extremely proud of their hard work and responsibility as Pre-K gardeners!
Now that we have finished our Planting unit, we are beginning a new study all about Exercise! Our students will learn about body awareness, their body parts, how to use exercise equipment and how to do different exercises like Yoga. We are looking forward to learning all about our body and how to stay healthy!

Great Parent Resources

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We thoroughly enjoyed our ECIS Professional Development and had a few great take aways that we thought we could share with you!
We got the pleasure of going to workshops talking about mindfulness and Positive Discipline. This workshop discussed how we can look beyond the behavior of a child to what the deeper meaning or message really is. Here is the link to the website which has a lot of great info for parents and educators:
positive discipline
Another great workshop was with a man named Stuart Stotts. He works with teachers and students around the world sharing his love for storytelling, singing and the arts as well as teaching the importance of connecting with children and nurturing kindness. He has a wonderful book called, Beyond Nice :149 ideas to Nurture Kindness in Young Children. Some chapters include teaching empathy and compassion, mindfulness, generosity and gratitude as well as giving research as to why these things are so important. Here is a link to his website:
Please let us know if you would like any more information or have any questions! Looking forward to another great week ahead and Happy Thanksgiving!

Meditation in Pre-K

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Our Pre-K Team wanted to share that our students are learning how to meditate and we started teaching this technique last week! We meditated with a focus on how we are a beautiful flower and how we love ourselves. We used a flower in the middle of our circle to help them really be able to visualize this with a concrete object. Then we either sat in lotus pose (easy cross legged) or laid down comfortably on the carpet and listened to ourselves breathe in and out for about 2-3min. Today we meditated again and then did an activity afterward where they drew pictures and talked about how they felt afterward. This is such a wonderful practice enhancing mindfulness in your children.
Here is the video that we shared  in order to explain what meditation is:
Also here is an interesting article on meditation too:
If you would like to try it out at home, it is another beautiful way to help your child connect with themselves and their feelings, release stress or worry, and relax!