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The Annual Bookmark Competition has begun!

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The Annual Bookmark Competition has begun! 

Design a beautiful or thought-provoking bookmark, & you could see
hundreds of copies of your artwork printed & distributed through the school.
There will be:
-one winner from each elementary grade level (K-5)
-one winner & one runner-up selected from the middle-high school, and
-one winner selected from the staff category.
Submission forms can be picked up in the Library or Art Rooms.
They are due to Mr. Cevoli, Miss Tiffany or Mr. Bitinas by Tuesday, December 9th
Winners will be announced at the ES Winter Concert on Friday, December 12th.
***Digital submissions are also accepted.
    They should be 20cm x 4.5cm.
    Send them to “” or “” by the above deadline.
Thanks and have a great week,
Mr. Cevoli & Miss Tiffany
Download the template:


Author & Illustrator Lynne Chapman in the ES Library!

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On September 25th the Elementary Library hosted renowned British author and illustrator Lynne Chapman. She spent time with the 1st and 2nd grade classes telling stories, drawing pictures and discussing her creative process. The students were highly engaged and found the visit very worthwhile.

Have a look at Lynne’s website to see the quality and variety of her work:

Lynne 2   Lynne 1

The BFIS Historical Archive

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I’m very pleased to announce the existence of The BFIS Historical Archive, an online digitized collection of BFIS yearbooks going all the way back to 1986-87. Thanks to the Annual Fund, last year I was able to purchase a library document scanner specifically for the purpose of creating the archive. As you can imagine, it’s quite time-consuming to physically scan every single page of every single yearbook, edit all the scanned images and upload them to the website in an easy-to-browse format. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Bitinas, the Library Assistant, and Cesar Goya, our IT Systems Administrator, since beginning the project last year we now have the school’s first 10 years posted for browsing. It’s a slow process, of course, but I’m hoping to have them all posted within a year or two.

There is a permanent link in the right-hand menu bar of the library page on the school’s website:

For reasons of privacy, the archive is only available to current and past community members. When you open the link, you will be required to enter a password. If you’d like the password, please write to me ( or Mr. Bitinas ( You may also call us at BFIS extension 319.

A little history: when I first arrived at BFIS in 2007, the library had a cabinet of the school’s old yearbooks, but a number of the earliest years were missing. By reaching out to the school’s most senior staff members, I have, over the years, managed to fill in all the missing ones, so that I now have one complete set, i.e., at least one copy of the yearbook from every single schoolyear since BFIS first began in 1986-87. Unfortunately, as happens to books over time, the bindings on many of the older ones are in bad condition, so that the pages are falling out, and I’m naturally a little reluctant to loan them out, since for some years in particular, I have the only known school copy. I considered researching book binders here in Barcelona to have some of them rebound, but book rebinding is quite an esoteric field, and it’s also extremely expensive. Despite the time and effort involved, digitizing them was clearly the best solution, because it meant that they would be permanently available to the entire community, and my inclination to be overprotective of the fragile ones is lessened a thousand-fold. My hope is that once all the yearbooks are scanned and posted, we can start adding additional school documents and ephemera from the past, such as newsletters and photographs.

1st bounce 


The Bookmark Competition has been announced!

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For my first post on the BFIS Blogosphere, I’m pleased to announce that Miss Tiffany and I have launched the Annual Bookmark Competition for this year. This is one of my favorite library related events, because it’s always so inspiring to see how many students get truly excited about it. The competition is open to students at all grade levels from Kinder through 12th Grade, as well as faculty, and winners will be chosen at various levels.

The due date for the bookmarks is November 29th, and submissions can be given to me or Miss Tiffany. Digital files are also accepted, but they must be 20 x 4.5 cm.

I’ll attach two documents:

(1) the submission form, which can be printed out and used to start making some art (Bookmark Temp), and

(2) a PDF with a display of last year’s winners to get some inspiration (Bookmark Presentation 2012).

Feel free to stop by the library and ask for a free bookmark from past years.

Mr. Cevoli