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In Nursery we have started our new unit of study: Plants! 

What is a plant? How do plants grow? What happens when we plant a seed? What do they need to grow? We will be working on answering all these questions and more!

This week we will be putting some white beans in zip lock bags and we will watch them grow roots and a sprout. In order to develop the students phonemic awareness we will also be reading this lovely poem about a growing flower.

Also this week we will grow our very own plant! In order to do this, we ask parents to please bring a small clay pot to school someday this week. In class we will paint it, put soil in it, put some seeds in, water it, place it in a sunny spot and hopefully a plant will grow!

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In Nursery we are well into our CLOTHES unit. It is fun exploring different fabrics, working with zippers and buttons, finding and cutting clothes in magazine, making our own outfits, counting buttons and talking about all the different kinds of clothes we wear. Next week, as a culminating activity, the students will be dressing their very own cut-out person!

As parents, you might notice that your child is still interested in the study of clothes and wants to find out more. Here are some examples of additional questions you may want to investigate with your child to extend the study:

  • What do people do with their clothes when they don’t fit anymore?
  • What clothes do people wear in different kinds of weather?
  • Who decides what clothes should look like?
  • How are clothes cleaned when they get dirty?
  • What clothes do people wear in different parts of the world?

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Written by AngieB. Posted in Nursery

In Nursery we have started our new unit on CLOTHES! Children are interested in clothes from a very young age. Babies tug their clothes, toddlers study buttons and zippers, and by the time children are in school, they develop distinct preferences for colors, fabrics and styles.

In Nursery, children’s natural interest in clothing will be the foundation for learning about different kinds of clothes, the variety of fabrics, and the specialized purposes of some clothes. We will explore social studies and science concepts about different types of clothing and we will use skills in literacy and math as they investigate.


The 5 senses

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In Nursery we are well into our study of the 5 senses, and we are loving it! For sight we looked for missing objects, we did a walk around campus and we played the “I spy with my little eye” game. For hearing we played with instruments and we explored different animals sounds. For taste we tasted sour, salty and sweet food, and we read The very Hungry Caterpillar. Next week for smell we will smell different smelling foods and objects, such as chocolate, oranges, playdough and soap! And finally for the sense of touch, we will be playing at our sensory table full of dried beans, rice and pasta, as well as gooey shaving foam, and we will make letters with felt!

It is so exciting to explore our senses. Before we have our winter ski-week break, in order to wrap up this unit,  we will be doing a fun activity with POPCORN. First we will hear the popcorn being made, then we will see it, touch it, smell it and finally we will eat lots of popcorn!

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The 5 Senses

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In Nursery we are learning about the 5 senses. It is a classic theme for young learners because children learn through their senses. Babies put all objects they can get a hold of in their mouths. Why? Well, it’s not because they want to displease you, it’s because they are exploring their surroundings with their senses.

We will be exploring a different sense every week. This week we are starting with the sense of sight. So far we have painted with a blind-fold, we have been games like “I Spy with my Little Eye”, and tomorrow we will make binoculars in class to help the students look for things.

We will be combining these sensory activities with math and literacy. This week the students will do lots of counting when we go out in the playground looking with their class-made binoculars. They will also write their letter and name in shaving foam, which smells amazing and feels very soft and gooey. We can’t wait!


Winter Math

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In December we have been doing a lot of fun winter crafts and activities which incorporate math.

In Nursery we believe that giving our students a solid foundation in early math is critical to their future success. Most children, even without guidance, are naturally interested in math as it exists in the world around them. They learn math best by engaging in dynamic, hands-on games and projects. Our students love to ask questions and play games that involve the many aspects of math.

During these first days of December we have noticing shapes, we have been doing lots of counting and we have been learning numerals. Below you can see the snowmen that the students created… they counted the buttons on each snowman!