Summer Activities for Future Third Graders!

Written by ValerieW. Posted in 2nd Grade

Dear Parents,

School is almost out, and summer vacation will be here very soon!  Here are some suggestions for activities to do with your future third grader.

  • read every day:  read to your child, and have your child read to you, his or her siblings, or to read to himself or herself.  In English and any other language!
  • write every day:  have your child write a summer journal of what they have experienced daily, write to each other in an interactive journal, inspire your child to write POETRY!
  • read the poetry of Amy Ludwig Van Derwater, Zoë Ryder White, Kristine O’Connell George and others.  Inspire your child to look at the world with poet’s eyes.
  • for more math practice, find the Common Core codes, and google loads of activities
  • above all, treasure the time you spend together!

Here are some online resources:

a.  Online games in math and reading:

b.  Work with reading  and reading fluency:  search for summer activities, and you will find, among other activities:

c.  Work with math fluency

d. Work with math word problems (rich tasks, when they genuinely inspire children to think and stretch their capabilities)

e.  Ideas for writing:

f.   Work with reading comprehension:

g.  Summer reading books/ suggested books

h.  free online books

The future third graders have worked very, very hard this year and it has been an honor working with them.

We thank all of you for all the support you have given your child, and also the support you have given us. Take care and have a wonderful summer!

The Second Grade Team