Personal pronouns, the parts of a house and much more!

Written by Anna Teixido Sole. Posted in 4th-5th Grade Beginner SAL, SAL

During these past few weeks, we have been learning a lot of thing in our Spanish lessons.

We have learned some of the prepositions and how to use them when speaking. To do so, we have been using different resources but this video was our favorite! Do you want to play with us ? Help us “discover” where the cat is.

As well we have been working on some grammar that is helping us been even better at this foreign language: how to use and conjugate the irregular present of verbs, the differences between ser/estar in Spanish…

We are currently carrying on a project to learn the parts of a house and the furniture we can find in each room:

And we will be reviewing content on the following weeks. We will keep you posted!