Writing Workshop: sharing our opinions about books

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Dear Parents,

Second grade students are starting  a new unit in writing workshop:  opinion writing.  The great thing  about this unit is that it calls upon our students’ love of books and reading, as the opinions they will be writing  are opinions about their favorite books and the characters that inhabit those  books.

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Fern Arable from Charlotte’s Web

To begin with, the children will be writing letters about the books they are reading, in class and at home, to other children who may be interested in reading the same book.  They’ll be writing about the characters they meet in their books, discussing their opinions and ideas about the characters, while also including reasons for these ideas and opinions, providing details and examples from the books with which to support their opinions. 

Later, children will deepen their thinking as we encourage them to think up even more ideas, details and evidence from their reading  to support their opinions clearly, in a way that makes perfect sense to the reader. We’ll take a look at the conventions they notice in published books, and incorporate them into our own writing. 

Lastly, we will ask the children to write persuasive essays, in which they try to convince readers that their favorite books should win an award!

The second graders are passionate about books and reading, and will no doubt have much to tell us all about their favorite characters.  We hope they will inspire their classmates to read even more!

   Annie and Jack from The Magic Tree House

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The Second Grade Team