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¿Cómo soy?

Written by Maria Angeles Salvat. Posted in 2nd-3rd Grade Intermediate SAL

2n and 3rd graders from SAL intermediate have been studying the parts of the body. We reviewed the vocabulary and we used two songs:










Then, they learned how to describe their selves by using adjectives: tall-short;thin-fat; strong-weak…

Finally, they learned vocabulary based on their character traits (intelligent, brave, kind…).

After learning all this, they made their first writing without guidance and I am proud to say that: they did it!

Now, they are working on the description of a character they create and we are going to keep working on that to learn how to describe other’s.


2017 Music Happenings!

Written by Heather Gilles. Posted in ES Music

Happy New Year from Ms. G!  Take a peek at your Music Page to see what´s happening in each grade of music!

As we head into 2017, we’re focusing on perseverance.  One of the greatest ‘soft skills’ that music education teaches is the art of perseverance, sticking to something, even if it is hard.  It looks different in each grade level, but here are how we are showing perseverance in Music in January.

Kindergarten: Singing Alone, and using our singing voice….it takes a lot of bravery to sing all by yourself! Good job K!!

First Grade:  Reading our first musical staff…wow! This is hard stuff. We are learning how to read musical notation…it takes concentration, but we are learning to read notes!

Second Grade:  As we are learning music from around the world, we are also learning traditional folk dances.  It may look like a cakewalk, but learning to Waltz takes perseverance!

Third Grade:  We are building our instrumental skills on the barred instruments, learning the correct technique to play quick sixteenth notes.  We are learning how to maintain focus and practice independently on music, so that we can begin recorder soon!

Fourth Grade: We are learning how to listen and analyse complex musical forms, and use that knowledge to learn to play orchestral music on the recorder.  This week we analysed the form and melodic contour two pieces by Beethoven “Ode to Joy” and “Für Elise”.

Fifth grade: Is beginning their world drumming skills, with practice on drumming technique like creating high and low tones on the djembe and conga drums. They will be looking at drumming ensembles from around the world, working on the focus to play with accuracy within an ensemble with multiple musical parts.  They are also preparing for their assembly and will be singing the song “One Day” by Matisyahu.

Here is a wonderful version of the song by students at P.S. 22 in New York!  Kudos to Ms. Makiko for introducing it to me! I can’t wait to hear 5th grade sing it next week!


Mariposa del aire

Written by marionall. Posted in 2nd Grade Castellano, ES CSCS



Esta semana  la clase de segundo de castellano vamos a trabajar diferentes conceptos a partir de la observación de los diferentes insectos.

Para empezar escucharemos un poema de Federico García Lorca titulado Mariposa del aire. Con este poema comentaremos todos juntos que insectos conocemos y los intentaremos describir utilizando adjetivos. Leeremos todos juntos “La historia de Ícaro”. Así podremos conocer una leyenda mitológica que nos explica el origen de  la mariposa  y a a su vez comentaremos las comparaciones que en ella podemos observar. Para finalizar observaremos unas imágenes de diferentes mariposas y escribiremos una  descripción sobre ellas, utilizando nuevos signos de puntuación y los adjetivos apropiados.

Tramuntana a la granja!

Written by Anna Teixido Sole. Posted in 2nd Grade Català, Català, ES CSCS

Aquest trimestre estem treballant de valent a català! Hem après un munt de vocabulari a classe gràcies a la lectura del llibre “Tramuntana a la granja!” (Barcanova). Ens ha agradat molt la historia que explica!

Hem dut a terme activitats que ens han ajudat a comprendre millor el context de la narració i ens han permès també guanyar autonomia i treballar la lectura en veu alta.

Properament, reemprendrem el quadern d’activitats i començarem a treballar les característiques de la llegenda i, posteriorment, veurem quines són les peculiaritats de les biografies.

Welcome Back to School!

Written by Catherine Gallin. Posted in Kindergarten

We are so excited to be back in school with all of our lovely Kindergarteners. From what we’ve heard, everyone had an exciting, restful, and happy break. After a week back at school, it’s great to see the kids jumping right back into the rhythm of school. And we’re learning lots of new things!
This week we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day, celebrating the birthday of the Civil Rights Movement leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, who fought against injustice and championed and struggled for equal civil rights for African Americans and other people of color in the United States through civil disobedience and non-violent protesting. We talked about the importance of equal rights for ALL human beings, the beauty of difference and diversity in our world, and how the best way to change the world is through love, not hate. Since we have been talking about being an Upstander  for the past few months, we took the chance to talk about how MLK was a very important Upstander.
For more on Upstanders, see this short video: (
Ms. G. also taught both classes some songs and chants about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and we read a few books about celebrating difference.

Books that Celebrate Perseverance

Written by EmmaK. Posted in ES Library

Image result for The Curious Garden The Curiuos Garden by Peter Brown

This Wednesday 25th January, we will celebrate perseverance at our Elementary School Assembly.  This is a wonderful moment to hear from students who have shown persistence, determination and creative approaches to life.

Here is a list of books available in our Elementary Library which accompanies our assembly and can help you continue to talk about its theme at home. They include themes of persistence, tenacity, determination but also being able to solve problems with creativity or a different and unique approach. Perseverance is about being able to focus but also being able to think outside of the box. Sometimes it is just about, simple but tough, hard work and diligence.

I hope you enjoy reading them.


Sam and Dave Dig a Hole by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Jon Klassen

The Curious Garden by Peter Brown

If You Want to See a Whale written by Julie Fogliano and illustrated by Erin E. Stead

The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds 

The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires 

Queen of the Falls by Chris VanAllsburg 

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems

The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss

Leo the Late Bloomer by Robert Krauss

The Fables of Aesop by Aesop

Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman

Listen to the wind : the story of Dr. Greg and the three cups of tea by Greg

Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11 by Brian Floca

 The Red Pencil by Andrea Davis Pinkney



 Happy Reading!

Miss Emma, Elementary School Librarian