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New Year, New Books

Written by EmmaK. Posted in ES Library

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It gives me great pleasure to announce that two full boxes of brand new books arrived in our Elementary Library this week!  This book order has been especially anticipated as many of the titles were personally requested by our elementary students.  Here is a small selection of the new books available to check out:

Younger Readers:

Elmer by David McKee

How to Catch a Star By Oliver Jeffers.  This is one of many Oliver Jeffers beautiful Picture Story Books I was able to order by this incredible author.  We now have all of his collection.  Highly Recommended.

One and Zero by Kathyrn Otoshi

The Relatives Came By Cynthia Rylant

The Invisible Boy and Better Than You by Trudy Ludwig

The Memory String By Eve Bunting

Tough Guys have Feelings too! By Keith Negley

Each Kindness By Jacqueline Woodson


Older readers:

Amelia Bedelia series (1-9) by Peggy Parish.  This is a new edition of an old favorite.

Asterix and the Falling Sky by Uderzo.  This is one of three new Asterix books now available in our ES Library.

Can Jansen and the Ghostly Mystery by David Adler.  Plus four more new additions to our Cam Jansen series

Spy School, Ski Spy School and Evil Spy School By Stuart Gibbs

Tunnels, Terminal and Freefall By Roderick Gordon

Every Living Thing By Cynthia Rylant.  A perfect book to accompany Grade 5 with their work on Memoirs.

Choose Your Own Career Adventure series.  Looking for a job with NASA?  How about being president or starring on Broadway?  This collection gives insight into the possible choices for a future career.


Happy Reading!

Miss Emma

Augmented reality in Spanish classes!

Written by Anna Teixido Sole. Posted in 4th Grade, 4th-5th Grade Intermediate SAL, 5th Grade, SAL

SAL students have been elaborating their master pieces for their own museum!

We have been working on the parts of the body and physical descriptions by learning some vocabulary and grammar structures we have to use when doing so. For this project, we have been using augmented reality by using an application called “Aurasma”. To elaborate our project, we have picked a person we consider to be our hero and we have written about him in terms of physical appearance. We have also make a portrait of that person and proved that we are truly artists! Finally, we have record ourselves talking about that person and created our own logo so that when we place an iPad in front of it, you can see the recording.

We are very excited to share the result with all of you so be aware for news coming your way related to the museum “opening”!

On the following weeks, we will be working on irregular and reflexive verbs, we will go through the use of imperative and will also learn about the use of pronouns in Spanish. In terms of vocabulary, we will talk about clothes, the parts of a house and habits.


Seguim al peu del canó!

Written by Anna Teixido Sole. Posted in 5th Grade Català, Català, ES CSCS

Els alumnes de català de cinquè hem començat aquest trimestre treballant molt! Hem après quines són les característiques d’un text instructiu, com se’l defineix, quin tipus d’estructures cal seguir per a fer-ne un… I fins i tot n’hem creat el nostre propi!

També hem llegit fragments de novel·les a classe que ens han permès seguir practicant la nostra lectura en veu alta i, en definitiva, ens permeten sentir-nos més segurs emprant aquesta llengua. Un dels fragments que més ens ha agradat ha sigut el de la novel·la de Jordi Folck titulada “La guerra dels xiclets” (editorial LaGalera). Us deixem a continuació una il·lustració del llibre i, siusplau, no tingueu por a l’hora de preguntar-nos què ens va semblar!


Tanmateix, hem tingut l’ocasió d’escoltar algunes audicions  que ens ajuden a ampliar el nostre vocabulari i a gaudir més del català!

Properament, desenvoluparem l’expressió escrita mitjançant el diari personal, parlarem dels adjectius i d’algunes grafies que poden ser “problemàtiques” en català com ara l’ús de la b/v.

Us mantindrem informats de tot allò que anem fent a classe, fins aviat!


Second Grade Upcoming Field Trip To Auditori Sant Cugat!

Written by Heather Gilles. Posted in ES Music

Hello BFIS Friends and Family!

Second grade has been working hard ALL year studying music from all around the world!

So far, we have traveled to Japan, Mexico, West Africa, and North America looking at how music is part of children’s lives EVERYWHERE!

For example, we have discovered that children all over the world use music as they play games…”Sara Watashi” is a plate passing game from Japan, and is similar to “Obwi Sana Sana” a stone passing game from Ghana!  Wow! We have so much in common…

When we learned about Bluegrass music, we found a silly song about “Old Dan Tucker” and learned a traditional Party Play game from Appalachia! We are also looking at the traditional instruments from all over the world and will begin learning to classify them according to how their sound is produced!

Ask your child to tell you the names of the different bluegrass instruments in this picture!

We are now traveling to Russia, and will be looking at the way composer Stravinksy put the folk tale “The Firebird” to music!

We will be traveling to Auditori San Cugat in February to see the Petit Liceau performance!

We’ll be looking at each of the new Russian instruments above in the next two weeks!

I can hear….

Written by Caitriona Ross. Posted in Nursery

This week in Nursery we continued working on our 5 senses unit and looked at Hearing.  The children played with lots of quiet and loud toys and made lots of noise!!


We got to play lots of instruments. The guitar, the harmonica, the tin whistle (similar to a recorder), a violin and a ukulele.  The children really loved trying the different instruments and listening to the different sounds.

The children made music shakers out of cans and rice.  They each decorated them with coloured paper and lots of sparkle! We practiced shaking them softly to make a quiet sound and shaking them a lot to make a loud sound. The also shook them along to the guitar to help keep the beat!
We’re really enjoying our 5 senses unit and having lots of fun exploring!!

Una oruga muy hambrienta

Written by Maria Angeles Salvat. Posted in Kindergarten SAL

In SAL Kinder and 1st Grade we started a new unit: The food!

We started the unit throw a reading:Una oruga muy hambrienta(The very hungry caterpillar).

After the reading, we made our caterpillar and we have it in our class!

We reviewed the days of the week and the numbers too!