Kindness Counts!

Written by Catherine Gallin. Posted in Kindergarten


Hello Kindergarten Families!

We hope you enjoy these  photos of our adventures into what it truly means to be kind, a phrase we hear often but sometimes forget the true meaning of. Our Kindergarten classes have been reading books and doing craft projects about kindness as well as sharing ideas about how we can be kind to ourselves and others every single day. 


Kindergarteners delivered special cards to the 1st Graders 

This week we have also been lucky enough to be visited by a very special friend, the Puppy Elf (Fluffy in Ms. Holly and Ms. Poonam’s class and Rudolph in Ms. Lindsey and Ms. Cathy’s class), who hides in different corners of the classroom each morning, leaving us notes with ideas of acts of kindness for that day. Ask your children about the agile Puppy Elf. We are sure they will be excited to share his latest hiding spots and the great ideas he leaves behind for us to try out. 


20161213_114502                                   20161213_114400

  Kindergarteners cleaning up trash around the school campus this week as a small act of kindness