More Fun with Boxes

Written by Caitriona Ross. Posted in Nursery

This week in Nursery we had more fun playing with Boxes.  We made an elevator and race track and the children counted small toy bears and put them in boxes with different numbers.


IMG_3844                              IMG_3798

The children pretended they were in Ms Loli’s house and pressed the button to go to each floor.

There was something different on each floor and when we wanted to go to a floor, e.g. No. 3, the children had to press number 3 and jump 3 times, while counting, to get to the floor.

This was a really fun way to help the children with their number recognition.  We had a blast teaching Math through movement!


The children also made race tracks, streets and houses in their boxes using paper, crayons and lollipop sticks. They loved using their imaginations to make a track for a car!


They also counted different coloured toy bears and put them in boxes. This was another fun way to use boxes to teach Math.


The really enjoyed getting into the boxes!!